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There is a common misperception that Medical Allopathic Medicine and Medical Doctors, Surgeons, Oncologists, and other Specialists are the ‘REAL HEALTH SCIENCE’, and Consciousness - Energy - Spiritual Systems like my DEPTH HEALING QUANTUM TECHNOLOGY are a novelty for little issues but not for serious conditions such as Cancer, Injury, Disease, Covid, Diabetes, MS, Lymes, etc.

Allow me to set the record straight.

A New Years Messge from DEPTH HEALING TECH

Right now, across the entire globe, the predominant collective attitude is one of compliance, conformity, and obedience, all resting on a deeply conditioned foundation of fear.

Biographical Info - The Men who made Dr. G. Rex Kruhly

I was told that my readers, students, and clients would enjoy knowing more about me as I seem to be quite different in many ways. This is because I was initiated by men, as it was long ago, and not by women. That point cannot be overstated, the differences are profound, especially when viewed over time so that the masculine qualities can mature. For further reading on this, I recommend the superb book of Robert Bly entitled IRON JOHN. You can listen to Bly read the entire work along with his commentaries right on YouTube. I recommend this because Bly is a world-famous Poet and has a unique voice. So when he reads it you hear the emphasis and underlying emotions that give life to the brilliant information he presents there.

Cognitive Dissonance

For this critically important subject, I will open with 3 key quotations by world-renowned Microbiologist Dr. Bruce Lipton.

First off, as a professional peer of Dr. Lipton, let me say he is a genius and I have followed his research for over 2 decades. The quotes below are completely correct. Now, I want to take you on a deeper look into the actual reality and complete picture which is not spoken of very often.

"The moment you change your perception is the moment you rewrite the chemistry of your body."

"Remember….your thoughts create your reality!"



The following account begins with an explanation of the major physiologic defense system of the Human body to address stress, survival and health.
The primary system is referred to as the Hypothalamic Pituitary Adrenal Axis.

Depth Healing Technology Glossary of Terms


The term ‘the Mind’ is an Ancient Field that has existed for uncounted thousands of years, utterly unchanged. There is no such thing as a personal mind, there is only one mind. The human brain is an antenna array and various thoughts or information flows through the person depending on how their brain is tuned. This is a fact and is described by various scientists such as Dr. Bruce Lipton and Gregg Braden. In one documentary Braden explains that current research has found that a person can attune their brain to access different levels and types of information from the Field (Mind) by a meditation process requiring a minimum of 3 days. Dr. Lipton often speaks in his interviews and presentations about the fact that they now have the instrumentation to register the thoughts outside of the human cranium. The thoughts are not in the brain. It has been said that the body is the mind. No, not correct at all. Another way to understand that thoughts do not belong to any person is the global experience of all meditation practices across time of thoughts arising, passing through, and leaving. It is the single most fundamental teaching of ALL meditation methods, the Teacher, Guru, or Master will say, “Sit and watch your breath, when thoughts come, simple watch them pass through, do not attach to them or follow them, then return to your breath” That is because the thoughts are in the Field called Mind. They are NOT generated by the brain.

Epic Number of Scientists Protest Against the 6th Mass Extinction

Hello Dear Friends, Cultural Creatives & Seekers Everywhere,

For over 15 years, scientists have been warning the public and government that human behavior has precipitated the planet’s Sixth Mass Extinction Event. The previous five mass extinction events were due to natural causes such as tectonic plate movements, massive earthquake and volcanic activity. The last extinction event occurred over 66 million years ago when a giant asteroid hit the Yucatán Peninsula in southern Mexico. That massive collision upended the web of life resulting in over 75% of all organisms going extinct, including all the dinosaurs.

Everything You See in Your Life is a Reflection of Your Conscious

Depth Healing Client Newsletter

(transcribed from audio file)

Hello, everyone. This is Dr. G. I just read a little post on Facebook that caught my eye. It said that a ship doesn’t sink because of the water around it, it sinks because of the water that gets inside of it. Now, as all of you know, my specialty is clearing the subconscious mind and it’s a curious thing with us people, you know. We brush our teeth everyday because we know if we don’t brush our teeth every day, the grit and everything builds up and the teeth will develop cavities and problems. We clean our house because dust and dirt accumulates. We wash our car occasionally and so forth and so on. Why do we do that?

How Morphic Fields Affect Health

To comprehend this subject it is important to understand the current literature regarding Quantum Biology. Simply stated, it has been well established that the environment controls all gene expression.

Morphic Fields and Supra-Conscious Beings - Examples from Nature

For this article, I am going to refer to the teachings of Avatar Sri Bhagavan, as explained by Him during one of my classes.

As I wrote in my other articles here regarding Morphic Fields, EVERYTHING belongs to and is controlled by the Fields it belongs to or has become a member of. The key factor is the numbers, Morphic Fields, especially pertaining to Consciousness, is a numbers game. The higher the numbers, the higher the consciousness.


In his book on Wealth Creation Sri Bhagavan says,

“Wealth creation requires not only professional skill, but also the wisdom to understand the ways of the universe. You need to learn and live by certain laws that govern human destiny. If you do not know these laws, you will experience roadblocks in the progress of your life path”


To answer this question I will marry current cutting-edge Quantum science with my personal research as an Energy/Consciousness Specialist and Deeksha Blesser. A Morphic Field is an electromagnetic strata or cloud which contains ALL the information pertaining to whatever we are examining, be it a planet, plant, animal, species, ocean, solar system, galaxy, anything, and everything. Nothing exists outside of Morphic Fields, period.

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