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Dr. G. Rex Kruhly

Dr. Grant Kruhly has been studying and training in his multi-discipline crafts of Health, Quantum Science, Personal Development (the areas of awakening, business success and goal achievement, psychology, stress, athletic performance, martial prowess), Consciousness and Brain Research, Classical Japanese Sword, Zen, Aikido, Oneness and Deeksha, Energy Psychologies, Brain Reprogramming, Military Science, Biology, Ecosystems, and Spiritual Mystical Experiences for over 51 years.

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My Story

Depth Healing represents the apex of all the studies and training mentioned above and stands on the shoulders of the brilliant late Dr. Ted Morter and Dr. George Goodheart Jr, the remarkable work of Dr. Sarah Childre, and the Peerless Spiritual Mystic Wisdom of Avatars Sri Amma Bhagavan. 

The fundamental technology consists of destructive and constructive interference frequencies transmitted by Dr. G via Quantum Entanglement, combined with applied kinesiology, heart coherence, and Deeksha.  Clinical results can be immediate or forthcoming in the following days, weeks, or even months.  Depth Healing is utterly successful, with Robust Clinical Results across the board.

Today, Dr. Grant consults, heals, and nurtures clients from all over the Globe online.  His work combines his vast background and it is delivered online using the Quantum Field.  Over the decades he has become a master of that ability.

Thanks to the landmark studies and genius of Scientists and Doctors like William Tiller, Dr. Joe Dispenza, Dr. Bruce Lipton, Dr. Ted Morter, Nassim Haramein, and organizations like the Heart Math Institute, the science supporting and explaining Dr. Kruhly’s work is now available to all.

He has his honors degree in Human Kinetics from the University of Windsor Canada and graduated as a Clinical Chiropractic Physician from Texas Chiropractic College in TX.  He is an elite martial specialist and spiritual guide.  Author of WANT MORE, and has been hosted on radio and talk shows, including being the co-host of The Radical Man series. 

Dr. G is a dedicated Healer and considers his work a sacred mission serving the Divine. 



Dr. G attended 3 major Chiropractic Colleges in the United States. First one was Life University in GA, the second one, Parker College in Dallas TX, and the final one, Texas Chiropractic College in Houston TX, where he graduated as a Chiropractic Physician in 2006, Total Years, 5 During those years Dr. G apprenticed under 3 world-class Doctors. In Dallas, under Dr. Lance Wright, Master of Network Chiropractic. In Houston TX, under Dr. Jeff Brittain, Master of Network Chiropractic and Metabolic Therapies, and Dr. Bob Rakowski, Master of Applied Kinesiology and Functional Medicine.

Additionally, Dr. G directly studied under each of the Founders of the major Chiropractic Systems:

  • George Goodheart Jr. Founder Genius of Applied Kinesiology

  • Donald Epstein, Founder Genius of Network Chiropractic, a Quantum Process System.

  • Ted Morter, Founder Genius of B.E.S.T


GAME CHANGER- upon graduation, Dr. G moved to GA to open his first clinic. There he met his greatest teacher, Dr. Larry Haberski, Grand Master of B.E.S.T (Bio-Energetic Synchronization Technique)

Over the next 8 years, Dr. Haberski taught Dr. G the Quantum Field as it relates to mind and the Subconscious, Spirit, Past Lives, Disease, Pain, everything. He taught Dr. G how to interpret the symptoms of the body as a language so that the cause could be known. If it’s known and found it can be cleared!

All of ‘Depth Healing’ is foundationally based on the craft and knowledge Dr. Haberski shared with Dr. G. He holds a 4 year Honors BHK from the University of Windsor Ontario Canada graduated in 1991. Exercise Physiology with minor in Psychology.



Dr. G. held Chiropractic licenses in both Georgia and Tennessee USA

Since 2015 Dr. G shifted all his work to International Distance Healer with clients all over the world.

Certified in Network Spinal Analysis 


Specialist of Bio Cranial, a reorganizational method developed by Dr. Boyd of Scotland.


Support Modalities:

Cervical Myofascial Release

Active Release Technique




Professional Sensei of Yoshinkai Aikido

Senior Student of Shinkage Ryu

Tactical Handgun / Shotgun

Several other methods

As of 2022 have actively trained 52 years.

​Built the DO SATSU KEN DOJO, (Insight Sword School) in Mt. View CA. 

From 1994 – 2000 taught all branches of the military both enlisted and veterans. Trained members of the Palo Alto Swat Team and several scientists from NASA. Worked with battered/abused women and rebuilt their lives and self-esteem, coached and trained Silicon exec and IT people in professional and personal development. 

Yearly, Dr. G lead off-trail backpacking wilderness retreats, 7 days long with Meditation and Zen Sword in the high escarpment of Yosemite Valley.

Author of WANT MORE? The seven simple disciplines to empower your life.  Written for Corporate America, it uses Zen applied through the body to break the stress cycle of corporate agendas to be applied in real time on the job.

Was Co-host of the Internet TV show, The Radical Man, a weekly broadcast examining Manhood and Men’s issues in the western world. It aired for about one year and a half.


I'm always looking to expand upon the global consciousness level and help people learn how to thrive. Let's connect.

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