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How Morphic Fields Affect Health

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To comprehend this subject it is important to understand the current literature regarding Quantum Biology. Simply stated, it has been well established that the environment controls all gene expression.

This has been termed Epi-Genetics by its discoverer, Dr. Bruce Lipton, who explains that the energy field signals from the environment are read by the antennae receptors on the cell membrane. Depending on the subjective perception of the signals as good, bad, dangerous, nurturing, etc. the antennae open or close the receptor site doors allowing various energy signals into the cell. Then, depending on the intensity, duration, and frequency of the signal, the genes will select which traits they will express. It is very important to know that each gene has 30,000 thousand options that it can express. This is why Dr. Bruce Lipton has dedicated much of his career to educating the public that genes do NOT determine our health, or anything else. The Environmental Energy Field Signals and their Perception does.

Another key point that cannot be overemphasized is that physiology requires all 3 factors of Intensity, Duration, and Frequency (how often) to activate or change gene expression. Why? Think of it as a kind of built-in safety mechanism. At any given moment, anywhere on Earth all of us are being impacted, embedded, and even saturated in Countless Field signals. As you read this, your eyes are reading energy from the writing, the blue light of the screen, as well as all peripheral objects which are nothing more than energy fields, etc. Your ears read energy signals near and far, and every cell of your Body Temple is reading, receiving, sorting, accepting, or rejecting the massively complex FIELD 24/7 including Wifi, TV, Radio, our Sun, and Solar System, and the Entire Universe. It is well established now that the only thing that exists is energy, and that energy functions in and by Fields.

This is a very wide, deep, and profound subject and will require extensive writing to cover it fully, so that will not happen in this brief explanation. However, let’s go a little way into the core.

The great Physicist Nassim Haramein, says our Body Temple contains 100 million cells, and the great Microbiologist Dr. Bruce Lipton says it’s 50 million. Whichever one is more accurate, (my research says Nassim Haramein) all those cells have a central organizer that qualifies the general subjective experience of the cellular community. This is of Critical Importance so to be sure it’s understood, I will give a simple version to illustrate how this secret of life works. Then I will link it to Morphic Fields.

For this example, we will use me. I lived over 2 decades as a grown man in a state of continuous anger and occasional rage. There are lots of reasons and stories involved in that but the point is that for over 20 years I was living in a state of real anger. Although I was doing many interesting things, with interesting people my fundamental vibration was an anger that was always pulsing just under the surface. I didn’t look angry, but I was. My angry perception colored all I did, heard, or experienced with rare exception. Thus, while countless types of Field signals were being read, the primary overarching frequency of my cellular world was anger. That perception was the dominant signal frequency my cells were receiving and it was constant and intense, because I am a very emotionally intense man, and the duration was over 20 years. What was the result? I developed breast cancer and severe cataracts via the Epi-Genetic mechanism. All this while being a professional athlete and Doctor with a very healthy lifestyle.

What is the relevance of my story? That the dominant subjective perception of the individual qualifies the fundamental Energetic Field of our inner world, and that equals our relative degree of health.

And what determines our subjective perception, our Subconscious Mind, NOT our conscious brain. That is the primary area of all my work as a professional of Consciousness, and it will be addressed elsewhere. Let us return to Morphic Fields and Health.

It is a peer-reviewed fact that the Field organizes matter. A highly incoherent low vibe Field creates incoherence and a highly coherent high vibe field creates amazing coherence. This has especially been demonstrated with water by multiple scientists including Nassim Haramein and his Associate Dr. William Brown using the ARK Crystal as the source of coherent radiation. It has also been demonstrated with music, sound, light, colors, and mental intentions.

Now imagine a person who enters an established Morphic Field by becoming a serious member of a craft that he highly loves and respects. The coherence of that M Field will begin to organize all his physiology quickly and affect his consciousness as well IF he remains in it and wants to participate in it fully. ( his desire and intention qualify and access the M Field) How it affects him and to what degree of coherence depends on the craft, its leader, and its members as well as its history and lineage.

To validate this I always like to refer to the middle ages of Japan. Let’s go back to the 15th and 16th centuries. Back then the life expectancy of a man was between 30 to 50, with an average somewhere in between. Not long at all.

However, Zen Masters, and Great Sword Masters, Spear, and Archery Masters lived into their 60s, 70s, and 80s and beyond. Why, because of the powerful M Fields that supported them. Dr. Bruce Lipton is on record explaining that when consciousness reaches a certain height, environmental toxins no longer matter, they have no effect at all. Zen, Sword, Spear, and Archery are considered the highest pinnacle of Consciousness Pathways in Japanese Culture.

This also applies to Negative Groups too, such as black art, or satanic craft. In such a craft lineage is needed for actual power, but all the principles behave the same way.

How about the Battle Between the Dark Side and the Light?

This is a real thing.

Long story short; whichever M Field is the largest dominates, it’s a numbers game! The larger the M Field, the stronger. That’s how Hitler made Nazi Germany, he gathered a large collective quickly, but the vibrational core was low using fear. The other factor in the battle between the Dark Side and the Light is this, M Fields need constant emotional and cognitive attention, active energy to keep it fired up. One common way to do this is Cognitive Priming. This is why Hitler made use of propaganda and the existent media of that day to keep the consciousness of the people constantly exposed and stimulated. When you want to cultivate a level of motivation, or consistent drive toward an objective or belief, custom, or behavior, you need constant reminders that stimulate emotion not ideas. Emotion is a powerful radiant energy and is linked to the heart whose Electromagnetic Field is 5000 times greater than the brain. M Field coherence is the conjoining of all the people involved and emotion accomplishes this best.

So regarding the battle between the Light and the Dark, higher vibrational Fields are stronger and far more coherent but if the Light Field is not using constant reminders that keep the members of the M Field emotionally engaged in frequencies of love, gratitude, courage, and mission, it will dissipate and succumb to the lower Dark Field which is much bigger. Why is the Dark side always so big? Very easy to answer and I will Quote Yoda the Jedi Master to Luke his young apprentice. Luke asks Yoda, “Is the Dark Side Stronger? And Yoda replies perfectly, “No, quicker, easier, more seductive”

If a person is supported by a high vibrational Field such as one radiating love, he will not be affected by a lower Field such as one radiating fear if he has a sufficient level of conscious development. Basically, higher coherent fields dominate. Studies at the Heart Math Institute have demonstrated this regarding Heart Coherence. In a family, whoever has the highest level of Heart Coherence dominates and acts as an organizing center for the others lifting their lower levels of order to a higher one. This is exactly the case where students of a Spiritual Master gather around him, his field lifts theirs. But for an individual to defy a negative Field where it is one against many, he needs a very high level of personal development to succeed. Most of the populace cannot defy simple peer pressure, which is an experience of M Field influence. Only exceptional people can. That is literally why they are exceptional.

Many people in the crafts spend their lives chasing after special powers and abilities. They want to be special.

There are countless examples of groups of people who belong to lineage M Field crafts such Rinzai Zen, or Tibetan Buddhism, Japanese Heiho, Chinese Shaolin, and Indian Yoga, whose health, vitality, and various abilities and powers defy science. My point in this discussion is – they can do that because of the M Field supporting them, if they are by themselves, they are not so special.

I hope this helps broaden your perspective and appreciation of Morphic Fields and how they affect our health. Perhaps it opens questions in your mind for further study.

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