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Biographical Info - The Men who made Dr. G. Rex Kruhly

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I was told that my readers, students, and clients would enjoy knowing more about me as I seem to be quite different in many ways. This is because I was initiated by men, as it was long ago, and not by women. That point cannot be overstated, the differences are profound, especially when viewed over time so that the masculine qualities can mature. For further reading on this, I recommend the superb book of Robert Bly entitled IRON JOHN. You can listen to Bly read the entire work along with his commentaries right on YouTube. I recommend this because Bly is a world-famous Poet and has a unique voice. So when he reads it you hear the emphasis and underlying emotions that give life to the brilliant information he presents there.

In this particular article, I want to list and acknowledge all the men spanning my life thus far, 64 years, whose knowledge, energy, and personality traits have been absorbed into me at various levels of intensity and clarity. I hope that I do not omit anyone.

These men, many of them ICONS and Masters of the Highest Rank in today's world, (some are deceased now) imbued me with the qualities, knowledge, and abilities I now enjoy and continue to cultivate. I still fall far short of the mark on many levels, but it's a process I truly enjoy.

To all of the following, I express my deepest gratitude.

My Father, Stephen Kruhly,
My Grandpa, William Lawson
Uncle Jack, my favorite.
Uncle Philip

When I failed grade 1 at the age of 6, my Father and the whole family emotionally abandoned me, so my immense drive and desire for masculine leadership, inspiration, and guidance on manhood led me to the Cinema.

Way back then, (I was born in 1956) during the 50’s and 60’s they actually produced movies of high moral caliber and I learned a great deal vicariously via the great Iconic Actors of that Golden Age of Hollywood. If you have read any of the articles on this website you should have an understanding of how strongly these actors are imprinted in my subconscious mind. Remember, until age 7 our brain is only recording. From age 7 on the frontal cortex is making choices and judgments but only by reference to the recorded data from the first 7 years of life. All of the following actors listed here were strongly downloaded into me because I had almost no interaction from my Parents except for food and safety and basic needs. This is unique in itself and continued until I became the Deshi (Professional student) of Takashi Kushida, Master of Yoshinkan Aikido at the age of 18. Kushida, by the way, was a total ICON, more on him to come.

From each of the following Actors I took and internalized certain qualities, values, and standards.

The DUKE, John Wayne

Errol Flynn
James Cagney
Sir Laurence Olivier
Kirk Douglas
Claude Rains
Basil Rathbone
Gary Cooper
Clint Eastwood
Charles Bronson
Rex Harrison
Victor McLaglen
Alan Ladd
Richard Burton
Burt Lancaster
James Stewart
George C. Scott

Once I graduated high school, I entered the formal workforce at Ford Motor Company so I could afford my training under Takashi Kushida. I did labor work for a total of 10 years. From age 18 until age 27 my entire world was Kushida, and I internalized every moment with him. Some of that was good, but a lot of it was bad.

He was a truly great master of Aikido, Direct Lineage from Shioda Sensei to O Sensei as well as the 5th generation Sensei of Genbu Sotojustsu; his Father’s family system. As a young boy, I worshiped him. He initiated me into manhood and imbued me with the skills, qualities, values, and attitudes of a classical Samurai which eventually lifted me into the top one percent of Yoshinkai Sensei in all of the western hemisphere. However, because I was so open to him I also internalized all his bad qualities, arrogance, and judgmental mind. It took almost 7 years before I realized he was a complete hypocrite and had used me strategically to promote his position. That of course broke my heart so badly, I sought out a professional psychologist to help me process it. I saw Dr. Raymond Daly at the University of Windsor for 3 years to get through it. That was a milestone in my development as a Man and Martial Artist.

Eventually, money and position seduced Kushida and he regressed steadily. He even betrayed his teacher, the great Founder of Yoshinkai Aikido, Gozo Shioda. He died, a lonely grief-filled man, of rare lung cancer. His demise, similar to that of King Solomon on a lesser scale, remains as a reminder and lesson to me of the WRONG WAY, and how easily one can fall into that hole.

Obviously, I left him. I planned to go to Japan as Uchi Deshi under Shioda Sensei for 5 years. Shioda Sensei loved me and had given me the title of Shogun-General, which I carried with great pride. I was 27, but it was not to be. Early that year my right knee broke, then Dad died of Cancer mid-year, and just before leaving for Japan, I broke my back weight training. I healed my back with energy and meditation, just like Joe Dispenze healed his, but I never did make it back to Japan. Instead, I did a 4-year honors program, then left Canada for a new beginning in California. There I established my school and became known worldwide. I taught Military, Police - Swat, NASA scientists, Silicon Valley executives, and the General Populace. My Dojo’s standards were peerless, and my students were respected by all. No commercial garbage in my Dojo, just pure BUDO.

The list of the finest students I produced at the DoSatsu Ken Dojo:

Officer Michael Canfield.
Danny Ziony
Dr. Paul Klonowski
Miss Odile Cole
Mr. Matt Turner
Dr. Brett Buckley
Mr. Marco Picollini
Miss Liz Berg
Mr. Shogo Garcia

Each one is highly successful today, and I miss them all. Most of them studied 4 hours a night, 5 -7 days a week for 5 -7 years.

It is no longer possible to find a Dojo like mine or train as we did, that is completely extinct now, more the pity.

In 1991 I experienced a deep Enlightened State that lasted about 45 minutes during my Gestalt Psychology class under Dr. Neil Holland at the University of Windsor. That immediately changed the entire course of my life. Within a matter of months, I left Canada and moved to California. That is a major milestone, and the very first time I left home and all that I knew. I began to spread my wings.

The following is a list of special men who played important roles as friends, mentors, and teachers during the years that followed. Some of them are still active in my life now. Each one is a real man.

Mr. Marco Picollini
Mr. Stuart Hoffer
Dr. Terry Hill
Mr. Gene Hinman
Mr. Joseph Ballizich
Dr. Guy Ferru

My Formal Academic Education and the Men I Met There


Academically, I attended Public School - Ivor Chandler in Windsor. One man will forever be remembered and admired by me. Mr. John Muir, may he rest in peace, a nobleman and refined gentleman with real Alpha Power and Presence!!!


I attended high school at Vincent Massey, nobody was relevant there.

Canadian University: Entered at age 27

I did a 4 year Honors BHK Degree at the University of Windsor. Two men there.
First and foremost, the great football Champion and Coach, Gino Fracas. I loved that giant of a MAN, may he rest in peace.

Dr. Raymond Daly changed the entire course of my life. A real fine man.

Chiropractic College - USA (began in 2002):

I went to several Chiropractic Colleges until I finally graduated from Texas Chiro College in Houston.

At Life Chiropractic College was Mr. Samuel Demons, a real warrior and gentleman, proven in combat, Vietnam.

At Parker Chiropractic College was Dr. Thomas Redenbaugh, ex-Navy, powerhouse.

At Texas Chiropractic College there is no one.

A Special Influence in the 1990s

While living in Silicon Valley in California, I was introduced to Sheikh Hisham, a Sufi Master and I became his student. Loved him.

He introduced me to his truly great Master, the late Maulana Sheikh Nazzim. I utterly loved Him. Sheikh Nassim was the real deal, the greatest Spiritual Master I have ever met in person in my life to this day. Sheikh showed me in no uncertain terms actual Spiritual Power and Divine Presence. I was with them for 4 years, and during that time I learned a lot. My entire massive Dojo, which I built in 1994 was materialized directly from Him. It's a long story, and I will not go into that here. Left Sufi forever, 1996

Warriorship, My Tactical Firearms Teachers, Hard Core Proven Professionals

I was initiated into the real world of firearms for urban warfare in Bakersfield CA in the mid-1990s. My dear friend and student, Mr. John Wilkes took me there for a 4-day intensive held by Front Sight.

I was with proven men who served in the Vietnam War, as well as Swat and Police officers seasoned by experience. It was pure heaven and I absorbed the masculine energy of real warriors like a sponge, men who had faced death head-on. Quite different from the self-proclaimed fakes on social media, (laughing).

Chuck Taylor
Gabe Suarez
Mark Fleishman
Retired Master Sergeant Teage (spelling not sure)

Later, in the Georgia 2007 - 2015
Jason Mathews
Stan Pagett

Until I moved to Thailand in April of 2015 I was always heavily armed and a fully equipped Prepper. Miss my guns, especially the shotgun.

This ends the area of Male Influence and Inspiration regarding my development as a MAN. Now I will mention key people who have helped form me into the professional Doctor, Author, Teacher, and Founder of Depth Healing that I am today. These people provided me with Data, Perspectives, and Methodologies that I have woven into the fabric of my work and understanding.

The List of Genius Doctors / Healers Whose Shoulders I Stand On Today

Dr. George Goodheart Jr, Founder of Applied Kinesiology
Dr. Donald Epstein, Founder of Network Spinal Analysis
Dr. Ted Morter, Founder of Bio-Energetic Synchronization Technique

I was able to study directly under each one. Especially Dr. Goodheart, and I am certified in Network.

From the Founders above I apprenticed under 4 tremendous Master Doctors representing the above Founding Systems:

Dr. Lance Wright, Former top student of Dr. Epstein, Dallas Texas
Dr. Jeff Brittain, Former top student of Dr. Epstein, Houston Texas

In my opinion, both Lance and Jeff have surpassed Epstein and are incredible Master Healers - think of Yoda.

Dr. Bob Rakowski, a student of AK from Dr. Goodheart as well as Multiple Other Systems, respected and known worldwide, routinely saves thousands of lives, and on one occasion saved mine too, or I would not be writing this article. Houston Texas. I truly admire Bob, and by the way, Bob is a PURE MAN and Warrior!!!

Dr. Joe Dinoff, perhaps the mirror image of Dr. Ted Morter, is a complete Master of BEST. He led me to my biggest Master Mentor of all, Dr. Larry Haberski.
Dr. Haberski has so many areas of Mastery it boggles the mind. A humble man, I don’t know anyone in his class. Period.

As great as Dr. Ted Morter was, Dr. Haberski surpassed him in my opinion.
I would see him almost every week for 8 years. He taught me AS he healed me and transformed my understanding of Consciousness, Energy, and the Unseen. All of my work with Depth Healing is based on my time under him. The difference between my work and everyone else in the world today is my relationship and bond with the Great Compassionate Light. That bond is my secret and the key to everything I do.

A Separate Category of Healing

I studied under and was empowered by Kia Aman of Tibetan Reiki and his top student, Russel Holcombe. I am certified as a Master of Reiki and spent a full year in each of the 3 levels (This is real Reiki and not the “weekend version”).

My Quantum Background

Over 2 decades of intense self-study following key scientists:

Dr. William Tiller - Stanford U
Dr. Bruce Lipton
Dr. Sara Childre - Founder of Heart Math Institute.
Dr. Joe Dispenza
Dr. Rupert Sheldrake - Morphic Resonance
Nassim Haramein - Resonance Academy ( I’m a delegate of that program)
Dr. Courtney Brown, Multi Verses, Distance Viewing - Emory University

Entrepreneurial Personal Study Program spanning over 2 decades:

Mr. Bob Proctor
Mr. Earl Nightingale
Mr. Jack Canfield
Mr. John Asaraf
Mr. Brendon Burchard
Mr. Tony Robbins
Mr. Jim Rohn

I studied the above-mentioned business coaching Icons extensively.
I will end with a quote by Baltasar Gracian, “Nothing so becomes a man as to be a Man.”

I have been striving to attain that all my life, and I continue to do so. I will live that way, and God Willing, I will die that way. Dr. G

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