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The following account begins with an explanation of the major physiologic defense system of the Human body to address stress, survival and health.
The primary system is referred to as the Hypothalamic Pituitary Adrenal Axis.

Basically, if a person perceives a threat, real or imagined, the Amygdala in the brain lights up and sends a signal causing the Hypothalamus to have the pituitary signal the Adrenal Glands. This is a neuro-endocrine cascade that pours stress hormones into the system. Most common is Cortisol.

The stress hormone begins a cascade of events that are highly significant. It shuts down the blood supply to the Gut Biome. It shuts down the immune System, and it shunts the blood supply from the front of the brain (where we think) to the back of the brain (reactive subconscious mind). All this is done in order to supply the arms and legs with maximum blood and oxygen to either fight the perceived danger or to run away and escape it. This is a very efficient system designed for short burst emergencies.

However, long time sustained stress is life threatening, and for the following 3 reasons. One, the Gut Biome is the seat of biological life, all growth and repair is utterly dependent on it. Even emotional health is now understood to depend on its state of being. Two, the immune system is shut down, so all bacteria, viruses, and parasites, allergens and any other environmental toxin has full permission to grow without interference. Finally, with the blood constricted away from the thinking centers of the brain the person is less intelligent and more reactive and operating on recorded subconscious programs that may be inappropriate, especially if the perceived threat is an illusion.

Thus, under sustained stress the system simply begins to fail as a natural consequence of growth and repair stopped along with all internal defense for protection and immunity. It is now recognized by the medical and scientific community that stress is THE cause of disease and death and accounts for over 90% of all Doctor visits. Why? Because today's world is engineered to maintain high levels of stress in all areas of life. However, that is a subject for a different discussion.

The following testimony is from a General Manager of Elite Major 5 Star Hotels. He came to me just over a year ago, referred by another GM. He was terribly stressed to the point of nervous breakdown, having taken a position in a Hotel that was very harsh, unfriendly and with a superior who was aggressively trying to destroy his career. And ultimately, she was able to fire him.

He lived right in the Hotel and typically worked 15-hour days, all under tremendous duress and constant rude criticism. He received zero appreciation even though his reputation elsewhere in the world is sterling. He is a true highly respected professional, and so when he took on this position, he had never in his life been treated like this. He felt crushed, insulted, threatened, and abused all day every day. And because he lived in the Hotel he was always in that vibration.

So, upon meeting him he was weak in spirit, body, and desperate for help. I took on his case and saw him every week, sometimes a couple of times per week for a period just shy of a year. I applied my Depth Healing Technology using frequencies to remove the various negative programs and perceptions via destructive interference and then restore and boost his mind and physiology with constructive interference frequencies. I select the various frequencies via Kinesiology. This surgery is applied via the Quantum Field by intention, as my client is many many hundreds of miles from my home. As I am applying the frequencies to clear and re organize his brain I have him doing Heart Coherence Meditation in order to establish a state of total inner coherence between his Brain and Heart rate variability rhythm. This meditation infuses all 50 to 100 trillion cells with the frequency of LOVE. This meditation establishes a coherent state which is sustained for up to 6 hours according to research. Thus, he was always in an Epi Genetic State of regeneration. Additionally, council was given for brain reprogramming using Psych-K, and cognitive strategies for re-framing repetitive detrimental thoughts. Occasional nutritional advice as well. Finally, and KEY, all sessions end with Powerful Deeksha. Deeksha has been shown to greatly evolve and re-organize the brain, lighting up the frontal cortex and depressing the parietal lobes. Deeksha raises consciousness and is the real game changer.

This being said, I offer the following Testimony.

Amsterdam, 19.02.2019


I am a European General Manager working in five star hotels around the world and have been working with Dr. Grant Kruhly for exactly one year now. Dr. Grant is a licensed clinician and international distance healer.

The past twelve months was the most difficult and challenging period of my career, spanning 25 years.
The quantity, intensity, precarious situations and political matters were very intense and at times unbearable and were affecting my health quite significantly, including pain in my chest and anxiety .
Last year in June 2018, I visited one of the best natural practitioners I know in this world, Dr. Ahmed Al Shafei from the Kingdom of Bahrain who I know since 2005. He executed VEGA tests ( Electroacupuncture Device tests ) on me which diagnosed a imbalanced nervous system, weakened mitochondria and an energy level of only 53 %.

Eight months of weekly sessions with Dr. Kruhly, that included energy exchanges, subconscious clearings, heart coherence meditations, personal guidance, cognitive strategizing and deeksha blessings resulted over time in being able to handle the difficult situations with more ease, created a clearer mind, more energy, a better balance, reduced anxiety, an elevated awareness and better overall health.
This year in January 2019 I returned to Bahrain to be retested by Dr. Al Shafei after eight months of severe stress in a very hostile work environment while being treated by Dr. Kruhly regularly during that same period. He executed a Vega test and after this test, I was connected to a stress enticing device that agitated the nervous system on purpose, followed by another Vega test that was then compared to the first test.

The clinical results were astounding as energy levels now reached 85 % and the overall tests outcome had the best results I ever achieved in the 14 years of visiting this specialist MD on a yearly basis.
Besides the unique skills Dr. Kruhly possesses, I like to state that he is a remarkable person and dedicated life coach, who truly cares for his clients and I admire his work.

Jan Kaiser

In conclusion, the clinical tests my client underwent clearly show that his entire physiology not only did not suffer but increased dramatically. The entire Hypothalamic Pituitary Adrenal Axis was over ruled or somehow bypassed.

This is a case where the person was lifted up until he was greater than his environment. How? Using Quantum Science to raise consciousness. In a interview Dr. Bruce Lipton has said that once consciousness reaches a certain level, environmental toxins no longer affect the individual.

Depth Healing is a system built on the foundation established by the late Dr. Ted Morter who founded B.E.S.T, or Bio Energetic Synchronization Technique. Dr. Kruhly adapted the principles for Distance Healing because his clients are scattered all over the world. The technology changes brain organization, this changes perception which then changes vibration and so by the Law of Resonance their lives and health change. Depth Healing is unique in that it is applied to collectives, (entire entangled fields of information made up of all people, places, and events involved) The only other Doctor I am aware of that can claim the same amazing results of lifting a person up greater than their surround regarding severe chronic stress is Dr. Joe Dispenza.

Further detailed study is needed to understand the full implications and mechanisms involved in the application of Depth Healing.

It is Dr. Kruhly's ambition to collaborate with other great leaders like Dr. Bruce Lipton, Nassim Haramein, and the Heart Math Institute to bring this level of Healing and Transformation to the World.

In light, Dr. G

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