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Depth Healing Technology Glossary of Terms

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The term ‘the Mind’ is an Ancient Field that has existed for uncounted thousands of years, utterly unchanged. There is no such thing as a personal mind, there is only one mind. The human brain is an antenna array and various thoughts or information flows through the person depending on how their brain is tuned. This is a fact and is described by various scientists such as Dr. Bruce Lipton and Gregg Braden. In one documentary Braden explains that current research has found that a person can attune their brain to access different levels and types of information from the Field (Mind) by a meditation process requiring a minimum of 3 days. Dr. Lipton often speaks in his interviews and presentations about the fact that they now have the instrumentation to register the thoughts outside of the human cranium. The thoughts are not in the brain. It has been said that the body is the mind. No, not correct at all. Another way to understand that thoughts do not belong to any person is the global experience of all meditation practices across time of thoughts arising, passing through, and leaving. It is the single most fundamental teaching of ALL meditation methods, the Teacher, Guru, or Master will say, “Sit and watch your breath, when thoughts come, simple watch them pass through, do not attach to them or follow them, then return to your breath” That is because the thoughts are in the Field called Mind. They are NOT generated by the brain.

The Subconscious

The Subconscious refers to the Personal Electromagnetic Field of ALL information ever recorded. Various schools and experts disagree regarding the different stages of the Subconscious and its strata of information. In Dr. G. Rex Kruhly’s model for Depth Healing Technology, he refers to the Primary Program, which is all subconscious information from conception till age 7. This is Primary because it is the perception software that guides and controls the rest of a person’s life. This is highly relevant because none of the data belongs to them, it belongs to their parents and everyone and everything else ever encountered. And most importantly this information is recorded at a rate of 40 million bits per second every single moment of their life, and none of it is chosen, judged, or analyzed. It is all accepted and truth, fact, and forms the beliefs and values that will guide their lives.

The Secondary Program in Dr. G.’s model runs from age 7 to approx age 14. The strata of the Personal Subconscious is relevant because the human brain shifts modes, its brain wave pattern shifts recording modes up from the previous Theta record mode to Alpha record mode. Think, judge, and choose the recording mode. At 7 this is the first time the brain is advanced enough and contains enough software to begin conscious operation. But what is it aware of? Every single word heard every sensation, experience, or relationship is all run through the Primary Program Database. From age 7 to 12 the socialization process kicks in with family, school, and friends forming more decisions and beliefs by running all their experience through their Primary Software. The relevance is that the reference library is all information, beliefs, attitudes, and values that are not theirs.

Dr. G. calls the time from age 13 till death the Tertiary Program. Here the subconscious continues to take in information but by the early 30’s it is considered by many researchers to be set. The good news is that Subconscious programs can be rewritten, altered, or removed.

Power and Role of the Subconscious

The subconscious is 1 million times more powerful than the conscious brain.

It operates at least 98% of the day, and controls all behavior, and focus 95% of every day

It processes 40 Million bits of information per second


Its role is crucial and key to everything. It will use whatever level of energy or information necessary to make our body, behaviors, values, beliefs, relationships, wealth status, literally everything match its programming. And being 1 million times stronger it ALWAYS wins. We call any discrepancy between the conscious educated brain and subconscious programs Cognitive Dissonance.

Cognitive Dissonance

Depth Healing Technology is specially designed to remove and replace Cognitive Dissonance. Since Cognitive Dissonance is the fundamental source of human failure, Depth Healing Tech. is very valuable.

A simple way to understand it is: Mr. A’s Educated brain says yes! And his Subconscious says NO, and that is all that will happen until the NO is removed and replaced. No amount of human effort will overcome it if it is there. Period.

There are many instances where a person can program over a subconscious negative belief or perception, it’s referred to as brain reprogramming. However, the original is still there and if an environmental trigger of sufficient intensity is encountered the old program will run again. Dr. G. himself uses Psych-K to program for new habit formation, but his research has found Psych-K unable to remove Cognitive Dissonance, which requires a different mechanism.

The Conscious Educated Brain

The educated brain consists of the prefrontal cortex. It begins working as a child turns 7 and uses the subconscious software database as its reference for everything. For Depth Healing the important things to understand are:

It only functions between 1 – 5% of the day. For most people, the percent is 0 to 1%

Therefore all the rest of the day is run entirely by the subconscious.

It is very slow and weak, processing only 40 bits of information per second, primarily aware of time, the body, and the environment.

Between 12,000 to 60,000 thoughts run through the brain per day. Eighty to ninety percent of them are redundant, and about 85% of those are negative and disempowering.

For people whose prefrontal cortex operates 5% of their waking day, they will be generating some novel personal and unique thoughts or ideas. But it’s quite rare.

This part of the brain is involved in planning, creating, dreaming, and goal setting. Success however depends on whether the programs in their subconscious endorse or deny them, or at the very least don’t interfere with them.

Constructive Interference Waves

Constructive interference waves refer to energy waves that are in sync with each other, such that when wave A is rising, so is Wave B. When they meet each other, they add together like 1 + 1 which equals or creates 2. So Constructive Interference builds greater coherence and more power.

Destructive Interference Waves

Destructive Interference Waves refer to energy waves that are out of sync with each other such that when wave A is rising, wave B is descending. When they collide, they cancel each other out to Zero.

The Unconscious

When the Unconscious is referred to it means a deeper level than the subconscious. It is at least a million times more powerful than the subconscious and implies direct entanglement with the Collective of Humanity. The full Collective Unconscious is enormously powerful and has two aspects, the Dark Side and the Light. It is the realm of the Divine.

Quantum Entanglement

To understand Depth Healing Technology which is designed for Healing at any distance, Quantum Entanglement means that everything, from the Sub-planckian scale to the Galactic is utterly connected. This is now regarded as a scientific fact. The great Physicist Nassim Haramein, Founder of the Resonance Academy has written mathematics explaining the entanglement, his work is peer-reviewed. Dr. Rollin McCraty of the Heart Math Institute has conducted extensive research on Quantum Entanglement with a focus on the Torus Field of the Heart. You can read the published literature by going to the HeartMath Institute’s Research section. There you will also find the data on their ambitious project called the Global Coherence Network which monitors the Quantum Entanglement of Humanities emotional status related to the Earth’s Electromagnetic Field. They have proved that a causal relationship exists. Another excellent source of information regarding Quantum Entanglement and Biology is the lectures, presentations, websites, and books by Dr. Bruce Lipton.

Quantum Entanglement is the fundamental reason Depth Healing or any kind of Distance Healing method works.


Files is the term used to refer to recorded data in our subconscious and unconscious fields. These files are no different from the various files on your computer.

To gain access to your files Dr. G. will ask you to recall something from your past. He may have you write it down, or contemplate on it. This opens the file and exposes the data it contains relative to the question asked. He can then clear it using Depth Healing Technology.

Additionally, once the client opens the file additional information and insight often occur to them. By writing it out the brain processes it objectively and the various energetic signatures are captured on paper.

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