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Private Healing Sessions

With Dr. G. Rex Kruhly


One Hour Sessions

Transform your life with our One-Hour Sessions, a concentrated journey to address your most pressing challenge. Whether it's health, wealth, or relationships, select your focus and embark on a transformative experience. These intense sessions are designed with a sharp, targeted approach, dedicating 15-20 minutes to understand your primary issue, followed by impactful strategies to initiate immediate change. This is your chance to resolve specific concerns, tailored just for you, in a deeply focused and personal setting. Embrace this opportunity for profound evolution in just one hour. 

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Two Hour Sessions

Embark on a life-altering journey with our Two-Hour Sessions, a holistic approach to reshape your life's trajectory. These sessions delve deeply into the three pivotal aspects of your existence: Health, Wealth, and Relationships, focusing on the most pressing challenge you face. The first 30 minutes are dedicated to understanding your current situation in these areas, pinpointing one primary concern that intertwines them all. This isn't just a session; it's life engineering. Expect a comprehensive, broad-spectrum approach that restructures your life path and karma, setting the stage for a profound transformation and a new reality.

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All forms or applications of Depth Healing Tech. are process oriented and based on the fundamental structures of mind, consciousness, energy, and entanglement.  Quantum Science acknowledges the fact that the FIELD controls everything, and that nothing at any scale is an isolated entity or event.  Everything is dependently arising and dependently ceasing.  Therefore,no one session is ever a completion of any issue because the process of life is forever unfolding.


Depth Healing Tech. is a powerful and effective system, proven now for over a decade, because it has married Mystic/Divine guidance funneled through Dr. G. Rex, utilizing applied quantum physics to produce real time change at ANY distance.


This unique and ever changing System of Applied Quantum Physics is the result of over 5 decades of ceaseless effort to learn, grow, and serve.  As a living Technology, Depth Healing is upgraded weekly through Dr. G.’s personal bond with the Great Compassionate Light.


The fact that Depth Healing underwent a Quantum Leap in size and reputation on the Global Scale at the exact time of the Muhurta is proof of its effectiveness, value, and enormous Divine support as a means of serving Humanity and the Planet at this critical  point in Earth’s Historical Development.

Dr. G. Rex Kruhly

Begin Your Healing Journey

Attention Everyone!

Our expert practitioner, Dr. G. Rex Kruhly, is now offering a wide range of healing and empowerment services for a variety of chronic and acute conditions. From chronic pain and anxiety, to relationships and financial blocks, Dr. Kruhly has the expertise to help you achieve optimal health and happiness. Here's a list of the services offered:

  1. Chronic Diseases

  2. Chronic Pain / Acute Pain (musculoskeletal system)

  3. Chronic Anxiety

  4. Acute Anxiety - Panic Attacks

  5. Damaged/Strained Relationships

  6. Broken Heart, Divorce, Separation

  7. Post-Traumatic Stress Syndrome

  8. Comprehensive Cellular Detox related to the Subconscious Mind and all forms of Negative Energies

  9. Chronic Stress

  10. Acute Stress

  11. Brain Reprogramming

  12. Rewriting Self-Identity / Future Life Story

  13. Cancer

  14. Financial Blocks / Crisis

  15. Family Issues

  16. Business Issues

  17. Mental Clarity

  18. Life Style Design

  19. Life Path Design

  20. Spiritual Council / Coaching

  21. Collectives of People, any topic or arena

  22. Heart Coherence Cultivation

  23. Verbal Consult only, any topic

  24. Behavioral Change

  25. Pet Problems

  26. Migraine Headaches

  27. Post Surgical Recovery

  28. Personal Development

Don't let your chronic conditions hold you back any longer. Book a session with Dr. Kruhly today and start your journey to healing and empowerment.

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