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Private Healing Sessions

With Dr. G. Rex Kruhly

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Private Sessions with Dr. G are very special and designed to address all aspects of your life at one time.  Sessions are 2 hours long and typically cost 350 USD. However, in consideration of our current global recession, in order to assist many clients in need, the price has been temporarly discounted  to 250 USD. 


Dr. G only schedules a maximum of 15 sessions per week, and sees clients on Monday to Fridays.  His sessions begin at 9 am Bangkok time (GMT+8) and are conducted via Zoom, WhatsApp, Messenger, or Botim.  


To arrange your personal session now, contact him directly on either Whatsapp or Messenger, include your photo that clearly shows your eyes and your email address.  


Make your appointment now and you will experience for yourself the enormous power of Depth Healing.  Dr. G

Attention Everyone!

Our expert practitioner, Dr. G. Rex Kruhly, is now offering a wide range of healing and empowerment services for a variety of chronic and acute conditions. From chronic pain and anxiety, to relationships and financial blocks, Dr. Kruhly has the expertise to help you achieve optimal health and happiness. Each session costs $250 and lasts for 2 hours. Here's a list of the services offered:

  1. Chronic Diseases

  2. Chronic Pain / Acute Pain (musculoskeletal system)

  3. Chronic Anxiety

  4. Acute Anxiety - Panic Attacks

  5. Damaged/Strained Relationships

  6. Broken Heart, Divorce, Separation

  7. Post-Traumatic Stress Syndrome

  8. Comprehensive Cellular Detox related to the Subconscious Mind and all forms of Negative Energies

  9. Chronic Stress

  10. Acute Stress

  11. Brain Reprogramming

  12. Rewriting Self-Identity / Future Life Story

  13. Cancer

  14. Financial Blocks / Crisis

  15. Family Issues

  16. Business Issues

  17. Mental Clarity

  18. Life Style Design

  19. Life Path Design

  20. Spiritual Council / Coaching

  21. Collectives of People, any topic or arena

  22. Heart Coherence Cultivation

  23. Verbal Consult only, any topic

  24. Behavioral Change

  25. Pet Problems

  26. Migraine Headaches

  27. Post Surgical Recovery

  28. Personal Development

Don't let your chronic conditions hold you back any longer. Book a session with Dr. Kruhly today and start your journey to healing and empowerment.

Contact Dr. Kruhly Directly at:





Frequently Asked Questions

A question was asked if Dr. G. can break up his sessions so that he has a 30 min option, an hour option, and the big 2-hour option to choose from. 


The answer is a resounding NO

“In order to affect actual healing, you must address everything that is showing up in the Field at that time relative to the issue being addressed and the nature of the question being asked. 


If you do not do that –

# 1 – possibly dangerous,

#2 – you are doing an enormous disservice to the client.

If you do not attempt to address everything knowingly, it is immoral and unethical.  That type of negligence is recorded in the Karma of the Healer or Doctor and they will reap consequences.

Therefore, I take care of my people using my maximum capacity at all times. 

It is because I do it ALL completely every time that my System is called DEPTH HEALING, and not Partial or Superficial Healing.”


Specialized Collectives, Vs Multi-Day Collectives Vs 1to1 Private Sessions

Specialized Collectives use Morphic Field Groups to focus on a particular topic and are more powerful due to the number of attendees.

Multi-Day Collectives like the recent Genesis Event use Massive Morphic Fields

Private Sessions are not as powerful as Morphic Field Collectives but focus on your specific needs, and using Depth Healing technology can remove all the barriers, negative programming, and dissonance in your life.

Depth Healing, with Dr. Grant Kruhly

Kinds of Services Offered       


The sessions offered by Dr. Kruhly require 2 hours of focused time. About 99% of all sessions occur on Skype because clients are spread out across the Globe.

Regardless of the subject matter, be it physical, mental, emotional, business, interpersonal, or all of the above the first hour is spent collecting all relevant information.

Every session is always client-centered so that the clearings and healings are relevant and responding to their life NOW.

The second hour is the actual treatment session, which is customized to each client according to need.  Every session includes a guided meditation, clearing of the causes in the Field, and other modalities should they be required.  All sessions end with Deeksha, a Blessing that evolves the brain and seals the healing.

Almost always sessions last 2 full hours because each session is an island, independent of the others.  However, some clients progress so far that an entire session is completed in an hour.

Any kind of problem or issue is welcome because Dr. Kruhly is working with Mind, the Subconscious, the Collective Unconscious, the Heart, and the Soul.  From this level, anything can be dealt with.

Typically, the majority of people seeking his care have issues of various degrees in the areas of:

Stress, Family, Business, all types of health or disease problems, Life and Professional Development, Brain Reprogramming, and Goal Achievement. His clinical results are profound.

Anyone is welcome but the Ideal clients for Depth Healing are middle-aged women, single or divorced, generally dissatisfied with life, their weight,  searching for their ideal partner to share life, wanting happiness and success, looking for direction and change.

Since Dr. Kruhly is an elite Martial specialist and trainer, he welcomes any type of martial artist and also golfers, because his work can greatly increase their success.

If you have any specific questions, please feel free to ask, Dr. Kruhly will be happy to answer them for you.

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