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Depth Healing Technology is a profound marriage of cutting edge Quantum Sciences with Ancient Mysticism channeled directly through Param Jyoti Sri Amma Bhagavan.


The Primary Focus of Depth Healing


is the total removal of the Cognitive Dissonance responsible for the client’s issues, illnesses, struggles, and seeming failures.


Depth Healing is capable of addressing almost anything that exists, and it is called Depth Healing for exactly that reason.


Dr. G. Rex Kruhly is in his 53rd year of continual research, study, and direct experience, aspiring to the highest possible expressions of truth possible.


This quest ensures Dr. G. to be embedded in the process of Serving the Divine.


The Foundational Science that Depth Healing is built upon was developed by the late great Dr. Ted Morter.  Dr. Mortar was a master teacher of the Subconscious Mind and was Divinely guided to create B.E.S.T- Bio Energetic Synchronization Technique.


Of the many tremendous students and doctors he trained, Dr. G. studied under one of his very finest, the brilliant Dr. Larry Haberski outside of Atlanta GA.  Dr. G. learned from Dr. Haberski via his own sessions almost every week for 8 continuous years.


It was during this same period that Dr. G. was formally initiated as a Devotee of Sri Bhagavan and empowered as a Deeksha Blesser. One day, during a Skype Consult with a married couple in New York, the Divine revealed to Dr. G. that he could transmit his specialized healing craft across any distance via conscious intention.


That occurred in early 2013, and became the Genesis of what would emerge as Depth Healing.  And thanks to the powerful personal bond he has with the Great Compassionate Light, Sri Param Jyoti Amma Bhagavan, Dr. G. is continuously upgraded in understanding, power, and effectiveness as well as wealth creation and personal health. Depth Healing’s clinical results speak for themselves ranking Dr. G. Rex Kruhly and his technology as one of the very top Quantum Systems in the World today.


To assist his clients for their total transformation and evolution Dr. G. incorporates his own brand of Dr. Sara Childre’s original Heart Math Meditation. He began practicing Heart Math himself, 30 years ago, and has followed their research all these years. His particular reason for selecting this Heart Coherence Meditation Method is because of it’s peerless ability to engage and sustain powerful Epi-genetic gains. After completing a session, Dr. G. assigns his brand of Heart Coherence Meditation as daily homework to ensure the continuation of progress between and after their sessions.

How It Works in Simple Terms


Depth Healing’s Foundational Technology, grounded in Quantum Physics, founded by Dr. Ted Morter, is an application of frequencies that are used to first erase a negative belief or download in the client’s subconscious mind with what is termed, a DESTRUCTIVE INTERFERENCE WAVE. 

This is immediately followed by the appropriate CONSTRUCTIVE INTERFERENCE WAVE which replaces the source of the cognitive dissonance with a greater level of consciousness, coherence, and complexity.


This process rewires the client’s brain, altering their perception which changes their vibration engaging the Universal Law of Resonance at their new level. Thus their physiology upgrades and heals and their life changes to match the new higher level of consciousness and integration.


The Heart Coherence Meditation is extensively researched at the Peer Review Level and bestows many recorded gifts, acting as the support system for their continued evolution and empowerment.


Deeksha Blessing


The real Game Changer is and forever will remain THE DIVINE ITSELF.

All Depth Healing Sessions begin with the formal invocation of the Great Compassionate Light, Sri Amma Bhagavan, and end with Deeksha. Dr. G. has the honor of being a powerful Deeksha Blesser, Channeling Divine Consciousness directly into the client’s brain.


Brain scan studies have shown Deeksha to alter the Human brain continuously for up to 6 months via neural plasticity and is referred to as a PHENOMENON. 

The Deeksha endorses their desires and health while Dr. G.’s Quantum Technology makes sure that no interference blocks them from receiving GRACE.


Blessings cannot be forced, even by the Divine, and subconscious resistance or false beliefs can block the Divine until the client is ready.  That's why the Technology is applied first and the Deeksha last.


Simply stated, it is the Marriage of the Unique Quantum Technology used in Depth Healing, combined with actual Divine Intervention, all performed with a very high degree of control and precision that has elevated Depth Healing and Dr. G. Rex Kruhly to the forefront of the Healing Profession in the World Today.  


Dr. G. Rex Kruhly’s HIGHEST Application and SPECIAL ABILITY deals with MORPHIC FIELD PHYSICS, and is discussed under the Title - MORPHIC FIELDS.

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