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Collective Healing Sessions 

Amplify Your Transformation



Message From Dr. G

I have always been deeply moved by the stories of those striving for healing but constrained by financial limitations. Recognizing the urgent need for accessible support, I have specially priced the Collective Sessions at $50. This initiative aims to open doors for those who find the cost of private sessions prohibitive, ensuring that financial constraints do not hinder anyone from receiving the healing they need. I feel that this approach will allow more individuals to benefit from the profound transformations that Depth Healing offers, ensuring that support is within reach for everyone seeking to heal and thrive. Join us in these powerful sessions and experience the collective strength of healing.


Dr. G. will lead a series of Specialized Collectives throughout the year, each tailored to address specific challenges and obstacles commonly encountered. Participants in these sessions will experience the profound benefits of Depth Healing, facilitated through advanced Morphic Field Technology. These sessions are designed to be intensely effective, offering deep insights and significant resolutions.

Dr. G. Rex Kruhly
Founder of Depth Healing

 Collective Events for 2024

All events start at 8 AM ICT
Corresponding Times:

Los Angeles       6 PM (The Day Before)

Chicago               8 PM (The Day Before)

New York             9 PM (The Day Before)

Paris                     3 AM (Same Day)

Johannesburg   3 AM (Same Day)

London               2 AM (Same Day)

Melbourne       11 AM (Same Day)


Total Health Tune Up

Fear / Anger

Anxiety / Hurt

Guilt / Procrastination

Regret / Pain

Self Sabotage / Wealth Blocks

Relationship Blocks / Forgiving Parents

Explore Our Upcoming Events Below

Scroll down to view the list of upcoming events. Click on any event to discover more details and join us on your path to transformation.

  • Total Health Tune Up
    Total Health Tune Up
    Tue, Jun 25
    Zoom Meeting Room
    Jun 25, 2024, 8:00 AM – 9:30 AM GMT+7
    Zoom Meeting Room
  • Breaking the Bonds of Fear
    Breaking the Bonds of Fear
    Fri, Jul 12
    Zoom Meeting
    Jul 12, 2024, 8:00 AM – 9:30 AM GMT+7
    Zoom Meeting
  • Breaking the Chains of Anger
    Breaking the Chains of Anger
    Fri, Jul 26
    Zoom Meeting
    Jul 26, 2024, 8:00 AM – 9:30 AM GMT+7
    Zoom Meeting
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Why Collectives

Specialized Collectives vs. 1-on-1 Private Sessions

Specialized Collectives leverage Morphic Field Physics to address a specific theme. The power of these sessions is magnified by the number of participants, with their collective subconscious minds forming a vast information cloud. Dr. G can engage with up to 21,000 individuals simultaneously, maximizing the transformative impact of these gatherings.

Private Sessions are tailored to your unique needs and circumstances. In these sessions, Dr. G conducts a thorough exploration of all pertinent details before employing Depth Healing Technology to pinpoint and eliminate the root causes of issues across various mental levels. This technology is designed to eradicate barriers, negative programming, and cognitive dissonance, facilitating profound personal transformation.

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