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Cognitive Dissonance

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For this critically important subject, I will open with 3 key quotations by world-renowned Microbiologist Dr. Bruce Lipton.

First off, as a professional peer of Dr. Lipton, let me say he is a genius and I have followed his research for over 2 decades. The quotes below are completely correct. Now, I want to take you on a deeper look into the actual reality and complete picture which is not spoken of very often.

"The moment you change your perception is the moment you rewrite the chemistry of your body."

"Remember….your thoughts create your reality!"

"The emerging sciences of quantum biophysics, epigenetics, and fractal geometry have illuminated the mechanics of the mind-body-spirit connection. This new science reveals that consciousness is responsible for our life experiences, including our biological functioning."

~Dr. Bruce Lipton~
The information you are about to read is the most important cause of human suffering, failure, confusion, frustration, poverty, and illness. It is well known and documented however, it is glossed over for the most part because people prefer to hear what they want. People today more than ever before enjoy superficial understandings which are partial truths leaving out the meaty core that comprises the foundation. People who want to understand the depths of issues, crafts, and life are few. I am one of the few, and that is why I developed Depth Healing Technology and The GENESIS Event.

We are going to look at 2 divisions of Mind, how they function, and the intervening problem called COGNITIVE DISSONANCE. Remember this term, it is THE KEY that you and everyone else wants the answer to. All the systems of meditations, hypnosis, myriad kinds of self-help seminars, NLP, energy psychologies like Psych-K and EFT, Zen, breathwork, all are trying to solve Cognitive Dissonance.

I will go on record now and say that DEPTH HEALING is at the very top of the list, it was designed for that and its development has been directly guided by the Divine to do so.

The Two Divisions of MIND, the SUBCONSCIOUS, and the EDUCATED BRAIN
I present here the fundamental peer-reviewed information you will need to appreciate the issue of Cognitive Dissonance and the Human Brain/Mind dichotomy.
We recognize two, the Subconscious mind, and the Conscious Frontal Cortex which I will refer to as the Educated Brain.

Now, let us compare the two.

From the Womb to Age 7
The Subconscious mind is considered by science to be actively recording data by the 3rd trimester. It records everything, literally, EVERYTHING at a rate of 40 million bits of information per second, every minute of every hour of every day till the age of 7.

"The Subconscious mind is recording literally, EVERYTHING at a rate of 40 million bits of information per second"
Stop a moment and read that carefully again, read it 3 times and let the math sink in.

We are not just talking about the times Dad was nice or mean or unavailable, we are talking about the astronomical literal recording of ALL DATA, verbatim, with NO Filters, No Selection process, No Judgements of any kind in 3D detail.

That period beginning inside the womb till the 7th birthday forms all the Beliefs, Values, and information (all data is accepted and considered as Fact) necessary to survive, learn, and grow until death. It is the Foundational Software Reference System of Beliefs and Values and I call it THE PRIMARY PROGRAM.

From Age 7
At the age of 7, the Frontal Cortex of the Brain has developed sufficient complexity to begin working and the child’s brain wave pattern moves from a low, Theta-record mode to an Alpha – waking, thinking mode. Thus, for the first time, the child begins to judge, choose, and categorize its experiences. But what is the child using as its reference point for this new ability? It references EVERYTHING through its Subconscious Database from then on, every moment until death.

Now let us consider some facts about the Educated Conscious Frontal Cortex of the Brain. It begins working at age 7 and references everything through the previously recorded Subconscious Mind’s Database. Ok, fine, but how much does it contribute to our life?

Read this very carefully.

the Educated Conscious Frontal Cortex only processes 40 bits of information per second. It’s very slow. It is only operating between 1 – 5% of the day during waking hours.

Now compare with

the Subconscious Mind, it processes 40 million bits of information per second. Its hyper-fast. It’s active a minimum of 95% of the day. Therefore, it runs your life.

Ninety-Five percent of all your behaviors, choices, moods, perceptions, everything is run by the Subconscious Mind. It has a minimum of ONE MILLION TIMES more processing power and influence than the Conscious Brain.

40 Bits Versus 40,000,000 Bits
Conscious Versus Subconscious
Again, read over the differences a few times before continuing.

Now let’s add more info to the pot. All of the Data recorded in the Subconscious mind’s software does not belong to you. NONE of the Data is yours at all. It is MOM, DAD, plus everything and anything else ever encountered during those years at a rate of 40 million bits per second. So, it is Their actions, Their beliefs, Their fears, Their anger, Their jealousy, Their cruelty, Their dislikes, Their standards, as well as all Their positive traits and qualities.

Therefore, the beliefs and values in your subconscious mind, which is running 95% of your life, do not belong to you.

Example: The Poor Boy
To help digest that, let’s use a fictitious example to narrate it.

Imagine a poor boy who grows up in a tiny country village. His parents are extremely poor and uneducated. The village is impoverished. At the age of 20, he goes on his own and somehow manages to get through school and into college.

Think about his programs.

His first 7 years of Subconscious Database consists only of dirt-poor life with his family in a very poor primitive village. Additionally, all his formative years till the age of 20 are there as well. At 20 he leaves and acquires an academic education which fills his Frontal Cortex and Imagination with lots of amazing ideas, desires, and he forms ambitious plans.

But remember, his subconscious rules 95% of all his behaviors, moods, choices, beliefs, etc. and because it is invisible, he does not know that.

So, he graduates with big plans for his future and he goes for it too. But 20 years later we find him still trying. He has never once succeeded yet. He is angry, frustrated, and disillusioned. Over the years he attended seminars by the biggest names in the self-help industry and still nothing has worked for him. Why?

"the Subconscious Mind will ALWAYS win"
Remember I told you the ratio of the Conscious Educated Brain to the Subconscious Mind, a 1 to 1 million difference?

This man’s Subconscious IS his Alcoholic Father, severely depressed Mother, and his older brother who always called him stupid. His Dad resented and hated rich people, and was filled with jealousy and victim consciousness. So, our man is filled with negative, depressed, disempowering perceptions, beliefs, and fears.

Therefore, when he tries to engage his willpower to accomplish what he has learned all he has is a processor of 40 bits per second, which is slow and only engages a maximum of 5% of each day. Failure is guaranteed.

We call this issue COGNITIVE DISSONANCE and it refers to a disagreement between the Educated Brain’s Idea and the Programming in the Subconscious Mind relative to that desire. And because of the ratio, the Subconscious Mind will ALWAYS win.

The Educated Brain
But wait, I want to add yet more critical information to the pot.

The experts differ slightly on the numbers so I will present a range for convenience.
Each of us thinks about 60 thousand thoughts a day. Of them, about 85 – 95% of them today are the same thoughts as yesterday. There is a 5% chance (or less) of having a novel thought. Of those redundant thoughts, approx. 70 – 90% of them are negative and disempowering.

Ok, now feed that back into the earlier discussion where I explained that those thoughts run 95% of your daily life and are responsible for your results, health, friends, lovers, success/failure, happiness, depression, anger, jealousy, … everything.

Your Educated Brain is at odds with it! Of course, it is, it isn’t yours and it is from a generation-long ago. Its origins keep going backward in time from Son to Father, to Son to Father on and on. However, your Educated brain is learning the New Information NOW in a world that is changing at an exponential explosive rate. Just think how much has changed since you were 7. How about since your dad was 7!!!!!

So today the world is filled with individuals that are frustrated, confused, angry, stuck, blocked, fed up, depressed, etc. All caused by Cognitive Dissonance, a disagreement between the two very different aspects of Mind/Brain.

Towards the Answer
So, what is the answer and why does life work really well for some people, even when they are not intelligent and other intelligent people never succeed?

The short answer is, whatever they want to do using their Educated brain is either endorsed by their Subconscious programs or at least no program opposes it.

In my case as a world-class Sensei and later on as a licensed Doctor I never experienced success in business at all regardless of attending countless seminars by leaders in the self-help business area. I studied Tony Robbins, Bob Proctor, John Asaraf, and Brendon Burchard as well as Jack Canfield. I never made a dime.

My Subconscious Mind was packed by my dad and it was especially strong in me. My father grew up in the Great Depression, the son of uneducated Polish immigrants. I am a very ambitious type A, top of my class super-achiever, but I was filled to the brim with Cognitive Dissonance and of course, I did not know, no one knew.

My story is common, shared by countless thousands every day of every year worldwide. So how did I become the wealthy entrepreneur I am now? Simple. I had my Cognitive Dissonance removed.

One day after opening my first clinic in Georgia I met a Doctor of Consciousness who knew a science that can locate and remove the specific cognitive dissonance that was blocking me. Over the next 8 years, he worked and worked on all my programs related to success, money, and anger. As my Cognitive Dissonance was reduced, my success began to rise.

Removing Your Cognitive Dissonance
How does this science remove the Dissonance?
It is based on Frequencies, and there are two kinds that are used in unison. The first type is known as Destructive Interference. As an example, imagine the fear of failure as a photon of light that carries a particular frequency/vibration. It is in the person’s subconscious electromagnetic field. This fear is directly related to this client’s issue with his business. I then send a Destructive Interference Frequency to collide with it. Destructive Interference waves cancel each other to ZERO. That is why it is called Destructive Interference. This is common Quantum Physics knowledge.

Then I do an additional procedure, I infuse their field with a Constructive Interference Frequency which is directly correlated to the newly canceled one. (There is direct relevance, the frequencies cannot be random)

What does Constructive Interference do?
It amplifies the positive polar opposite creating greater coherence, altered perception, and raising the level of consciousness.

Put in simple English, I change their perception, which changes their vibration, which then engages the law of resonance, causing all their surroundings, including their business, relationships, and health to change to be resonant with their new vibration.

The above has now covered Dr. Bruce Lipton’s first 2 quotations at the beginning of this paper. So yes, he is right, but as you can see, there are conditions and caveats to the oversimplified statements.

What makes Depth Healing Technology Special and Different?
Answer: A great many things!
However, the fundamental difference is the precision that I can use in locating the exact negative program creating the Dissonance, opening that file to expose it, and surgically removing it with my patented Destructive Interference Frequencies. I then quickly upload the appropriate Constructive Interference Frequency to raise their vibration and consciousness. That satisfies and qualifies Dr. Lipton’s 3rd quotation.

Depth Healing is performed on two different scales:

One on One, and Massive Morphic Fields.

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