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Morphic Fields and Supra-Conscious Beings - Examples from Nature

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For this article, I am going to refer to the teachings of Avatar Sri Bhagavan, as explained by Him during one of my classes.

As I wrote in my other articles here regarding Morphic Fields, EVERYTHING belongs to and is controlled by the Fields it belongs to or has become a member of. The key factor is the numbers, Morphic Fields, especially pertaining to Consciousness, is a numbers game. The higher the numbers, the higher the consciousness.

To narrate this in a simple way anyone can understand, Avatar Sri Bhagavan referred to the Insect Kingdom. His first example is Termites.

If you observe an individual Termite or a group of them, they are quite unremarkable, one may even say stupid. Blind, they will wander about without any purpose. However, when a distinct number of them is reached as a collective, they suddenly are able to work in unison with unbelievable skill creating mounds whose infrastructure rivals modern engineering at its best. Presented with problems such as inserting partitions into the mound they bypass it and demonstrate tremendous intelligence. The same for all social insects, bees, wasps, and ants.

What happens there? It's the Emergent Morphic Field of Consciousness created by the cumulative addition of each Termites Consciousness into the Common Pool. That Pool is the Morphic Field, and that Field’s Consciousness can be thought of as a SUPER TERMITE, with SUPRA - CONSCIOUSNESS. That Field guides every member's actions, purpose, and behavior.

The same for flocks of birds or schools of fish. Once they have a collective number that reaches critical mass, the SUPER BIRD, FISH, or whatever emerges and demonstrates tremendous intelligence and unity.

The same applies to us. We are made of 50 Trillion to 100 Trillion cells, depending on which scientist you follow. If you extract any given cell from any tissue or organ of the body you will find basically the same structure and functions with nothing overly remarkable. However, as Dr. Bruce Lipton loves to explain, as you add the cells together the total intelligence rises, meaning the total consciousness rises too. When the body is viewed as an adult Human, the SUPRA CONSCIOUSNESS necessary to maintain and operate the Entire Population of HIGHLY SPECIALIZED cellular activity and metabolism is MIND-BOGGLING.

Additionally, this is all accomplished unconsciously by the Supra Consciousness of the Body itself, separate from the Mind and Consciousness of the Individual. The Founding Fathers of Chiropractic rightly termed this INNATE INTELLIGENCE.

So by extrapolation, you can see how the COLLECTIVE UNCONSCIOUS of HUMANITY, creates a SUPER BEING. And it is this SUPER BEING with SUPRA CONSCIOUSNESS that most of Humanity identifies as GOD.

Think about it.

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