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There is a common misperception that Medical Allopathic Medicine and Medical Doctors, Surgeons, Oncologists, and other Specialists are the ‘REAL HEALTH SCIENCE’, and Consciousness - Energy - Spiritual Systems like my DEPTH HEALING QUANTUM TECHNOLOGY are a novelty for little issues but not for serious conditions such as Cancer, Injury, Disease, Covid, Diabetes, MS, Lymes, etc.

Allow me to set the record straight.

Using Depth Healing I have handled Cancer, Injuries, Covid and Shedding, MS, Lymes, Huntingtons Dz, and much much much more.

The old outdated, disproven and flawed Newtonian science that forms the basis of Allopathy is in fact the reason it is the highest cause of death in the world. That FACT is stated clearly in the prestigious New England Journal of Medicine.

Depth Healing utilizes the Highest Application of Quantum Physics via Conscious transmission. In the words of the Famous MicroBiologist Dr. Bruce Lipton, “ Quantum Physics is the most valid science in the world today.” The Science behind my work is Peerless.

HOW? Depth Healing removes Cause from the Mind Field and Subconscious.
Additionally, I am authorized by Sri Amma Bhagavan to transmit Deeksha, the single most powerful benediction and phenomenon available to mankind. Studied with functional brain scans, Deeksha is proven to evolve the brain.

You will note that while over 850,000 people are killed yearly by Allopathy, Depth Healing kills no one. Because of Depth Healing’s power to alter and transform matter, circumstances, mindsets, physiology, psychology, biology, and Karma my clients don’t develop or die from cancer. Because of Depth Healing they don’t suffer the Horrors of Chemo, Radiation, Massive Pain, Nausea, and Gut Wrenching Fear.
Because of Depth Healing, the DIVINE, and specifically, my Mastery of the Systems Complexity, people don’t develop Dementia or suffer Chronic Pain the rest of their life, they don’t live on meds, they don’t end up on the operating table, they don’t live with Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome…….WHY?

Because Depth Healing combined with the Divine, channeled and directed by me is THAT POWERFUL. I created this system to change entire lives and empower people so they can live without fear, pain, and poverty.

There is no MD or Specialist anywhere on this Earth that can do what I do with DEPTH HEALING supported by the GREAT COMPASSIONATE LIGHT. Almost
daily, clients call me from all parts of the Globe, in pain or panic, and I remove it there and then in 2 minutes. NO MD can do that.

HOW? Depth Healing removes Cause from the Mind Field and Subconscious.


I specialize in MORPHIC FIELDS, and can clear collectives up to 21,000 people at one time, I can bless Deeksha to collectives of 500 at a time. NO Medical Organization, Technology, or MD can even understand that let alone approach it.

As for Importance, when I change the landscape of your subconscious mind and field, your ENTIRE LIFE is changing, sometimes dramatically, sometimes subtly, but it always changes, that is a fact because its Universal Law. Those changes alter your vibration and that ignites the Laws of Resonance / Attraction which then gives you a new world to live in and experience.

Most MD’s look at you for 1 minute, writes his little worthless prescription of antibiotics, and then dismisses you. My sessions are generally 2 hours long and I leave no stone unturned.

As far as Virtue goes, Allopathy is totally corrupted, bought and paid for, Covid proves that.

Simply stated, in the world today, almost NO system is in the same class as Depth Healing.

If you have any questions, always feel free to ask me, but better yet, arrange a session and experience real healing for yourself.

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