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A New Years Messge from DEPTH HEALING TECH

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Right now, across the entire globe, the predominant collective attitude is one of compliance, conformity, and obedience, all resting on a deeply conditioned foundation of fear.

This foundation of fear has been carefully planned and developed continuously for decades. It now exists well below the conscious awareness of even well educated people. How is that possible? Simply stated, the educated brain and the subconscious mind function independently, with the subconscious running 95% of our life so that the conscious brain is free to think.

So when or if the subconscious is firmly programmed, 95% of all behavior is controlled. Since the programming is subconscious it is invisible to the individual, it’s unconscious, so it operates below awareness. Then, for effective population control all that remains is to carefully control what the majority of the collective are focussed on and exposed to. That is why the media has been thoroughly infiltrated and real information censored and removed.

A multitude of various support technologies and systems have been brilliantly developed and initiated to assist the Collective Global Brain Washing Initiative. Nutritional manipulation in water and processed foods that dulls the brain, wipes out sperm count, and creates mass obesity, subliminal flicker rates installed in music that allows direct access to the subconscious mind of the listeners so that they are programmed, vibratory frequencies in music that causes disruption of biological systems and cognitive internal noise and agitation, highly sophisticated cognitive technologies referred to in the literature as Cognitive Warfare, that virtually alters a person's perceptions and thinking processes so that long standing human values are reversed or even removed. Worst of all, the transhuman project is well underway, and gaining momentum fast. Here, nano technologies are injected / inserted into human beings which respond to 5G frequencies, giving someone or something access to their brain, emotions, and thought processes.

Saddest of all, the washing of minds has been so effective, huge percentages of the global population are voluntarily rushing to their own demise.

If you are reading this, it is most likely that you are among the conscious who are aware and awake.

As we used to say back in Canada when I was a young buck, ‘Hang Tough.’ Be a maverick, and stand tall in your energy. Preserve and defend your freedom, your mind, and your Divine Existence. Events move rapidly, therefore cherish your life, don’t miss a day, and as much as you can, do not take anything for granted. This year use this mantra, If it is to be, it's up to me!

2023 and 2024 are pivotal years for Humanity. We are here, and all of this is happening right now in real time across the entire Earth. Live your life with Pride, and Dignity, and consciously design your days and your future.

I agree with Jim Rohn who recently said that his advice is to leave 97% of the population. Don’t talk like them, associate with them, go where they go, do what they do, think what they think, or anything else. Very wise, definitely not for the weak.

That is how I live, and I recommend it to you.

I truly hope all of us will have an epic 2023, and I am dedicated to doing all I can to help my clients. My speciality is the detoxing of negative subconscious programs, damaging beliefs, fears, and anything else that creates stress, worry, and pain.

I am a life coach and engineer, with 53 years of intense study and training to recommend me.
Depth Healing Tech is a Quantum Science Energy Psychology Application and it is VERY POWERFUL and proven.

Contact me and experience change in real time for yourself.

In light, Dr. G

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