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Major Events

Welcome to Depth Healing Major Events

Events will consist of Webinars, Seminars, and Retreats that all focus on unlocking your mind and training you to mentally and physically succeed in the highest levels of life. You will literally become unstoppable when you become able to live at your full potential.

Upcoming Events for 2022

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Nov 24, 2022, 8:00 AM – 10:00 AM GMT+7
The Big Picture Zoom Meeting

Mystic Wisdom and Quantum Science

with Dr. G. Rex Kruhly

The Big Picture



This coming November there is a presentation you will not want to miss. If you are a person who finds Life fascinating or filled with difficulties and stress, if it’s all a mystery, or if you simply like to understand reality at a deeper level, this 2-hour presentation is a must!!!


Dr. G. Rex Kruhly, Founder of Depth Healing Technology ( is going to expound on the first 5 programs that control all human life as designed by Universal Consciousness.


The first 5 programs in order are:


1. Past Lives

2. Genetic Karma

3. Conception - Womb - Birth - First 6 Hours

4. First 6 Hours to Age 6

5. Age 6/7 till Present Age


By examining and understanding how these Programs weave together you will be advanced in your understanding of the Universe, the Divine, Karma, and Consciousness.  The world is changing daily now with enormous momentum, and that makes this level of understanding very relevant!  Additionally, there is a massive amount of misinformation on the net now, and it can really create confusion, waste time, money,  and effort.


Dr. G will be combining over this with Scientific details of the Mind, and Consciousness, as well as explanations of what actually can be done to change things, ie - what works, what doesn’t.


Join Dr. G. Rex Kruhly for a really fascinating examination of THE BIG PICTURE and how it’s all put together acting with pure mathematical Oneness. This information IS NOT COMMON KNOWLEGE AT ALL. See you there. Invite your friends and share this post with others. The objective is helping Humanity at this Super Critical Time in Human History!  

Depth Healing Technology was created to save people, collectives, and the world from suffering and destruction and to FOSTER JOY, ABUNDANCE, PERSONAL DIGNITY, AND WEALTH IN ALL ITS MANY FORMS.  Dr. G. Rex Kruhly’s life is totally dedicated to that cause.

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Venus Rising

Dr. G. Rex Kruhly
Quantum Healer
Tatjana Obradovic
Master Astrologist

Double Check event timing in your area by clicking the button on the right: 

A very major and highly unique event is happening April 9th at 4:00 p.m. (PST) 2022! Advanced Spiritual Teachers:


Dr. G. Rex Kruhly

Tatjana Obradovic


Are combining their expertise to create VENUS RISING, a Morphic Field, Multi-tiered Healing Event that will capture and use the enormous power of VENUS - JUPITER


The Event will begin with Dr. G. Rex Kruhly, Founder of Depth Healing, uniting the entire collective as ONE HEART and MIND.  He will then apply his Quantum Technology of Depth Healing to remove all forms of Negative Energy, Karmic Blocks, and Cognitive Dissonance from the entire collective so that every participant receives the full Healing, Deeksha Blessings and Profound Astrological Wisdom from Tatjana Obradovic.


VENUS RISING is designed to produce powerful Transformative Results, and it Will.

If you are are ready to let go of what is weighing you down, what is keeping you away from reaching and exploring the space where abundance is initiated and exists...


If you are ready to access and receive  answers and blessings from the Divine, open further to  the healing vibrations from the Universe...


If you are ready to deepen the connectedness  within yourself, others (all living beings) , and Mother Earth, then...


Give yourself the gift of joining this Virtual World Class Event and Connect with the Divine Itself on a Whole New Level.

RSVP NOW and get an Early Bird Special Discount! Save 63%

Discount valid until the end of February

Thailand Retreat

Coming Later this year.

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