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In his book on Wealth Creation Sri Bhagavan says,

“Wealth creation requires not only professional skill, but also the wisdom to understand the ways of the universe. You need to learn and live by certain laws that govern human destiny. If you do not know these laws, you will experience roadblocks in the progress of your life path”

Today you often hear people reference the Universe, and that the Universe will give you this or that if you meet the right criteria. Well, that is sort of correct but as usual it's oversimplified and somewhat misrepresented. What is important and correct to understand is that the Universe or Universal Consciousness is a set of Laws. For our purposes as human beings striving to create wealth and a wonderful life we need to understand and follow 2 of them really well.
The first of the laws is Perception, and the second is Resonance.

To assist in explaining this in a simple way I am going to tell a story with you, tuning forks, and a very very large building.

I want you to imagine a Building that is about 3 miles high and as big as North America filled with millions of different rooms. This Building can represent the Quantum Field of the Earth, or the Whole Universe if you like, your choice. Each room has thousands of different size tuning forks, in sizes from nano to really huge, some the size of a football field. The tuning forks represent people, places, things, opportunities, and potentials in the massive Quantum Field.

You walk up to the front door and you are carrying your tuning fork, the one whose frequency resonates with your primary foundational vibration signature. An example: let's say you have a very focused goal oriented mindset supported with strong enthusiasm. You open the door and step into the Field of this massive Building. (This is your intention and you are now a player in the Field) You strike your tuning fork and it starts to buzz and vibrate your frequency. INSTANTLY every single tuning fork with the same frequency, regardless of the distance from you, the comparative sizes, or differing material quality begins to buzz and vibrate too. NONE of the others responds at all. Period. The frequencies must be exactly resonant.

That is precisely what is happening every microsecond of every day forever and ever. So what does this mean and why and how is it significant?

The tuning fork represents your PERCEPTION.
When you activate it, it vibrates and radiates its vibration into the Quantum Field.
Where does your perception come from? Your SUBCONSCIOUS MIND.
When the other tuning forks respond and vibrate what is that? That is Resonance and means they have the same frequency so they attract and find each other regardless of distance, literally. The other fork could be on the other side of the Milky Way, it will still vibrate, that's a fact. There is enough peer reviewed literature on that subject now to put any doubt to rest. Whether events will align to have them all meet you is yet another story where your Divine must come into the picture.

What is another common term for the Law of Resonance? The Law of Attraction.
Ok, seems simple enough, so why does this Law of Attraction fail so many people and seems to produce zero results while others seem to get everything they want? Again, the key is Cognitive Dissonance.

The answer is in the foundational perception filters of the Subconscious Mind. If the tuning fork you carry into the Building (the Quantum Field) represents a desire or idea you have formed in your educated brain that has subconscious cognitive dissonance associated with it, the vibration it will transmit is NOT what you intend, but you don’t know that, you cannot see it. The cognitive dissonance will have an opposite vibration which means it will resonate with failure, or loss, or some other negative outcome. Laws ALWAYS function perfectly, the issue is the negative subconscious program that opposes your educated brain.

What life presents to you, the results of your efforts, and your entire surroundings are constantly telling you whether your desires and goals are being endorsed and supported or rejected and blocked.

So for the first Universal Law, you have to command the correct perception, and to do that you must make sure you do not have cognitive dissonance altering your vibrational signal. The second Universal Law of resonance is Automatic and you do not need to do anything there. Whether you receive the answer you want depends on Karma, and Grace. This is why Dr. G spends lots of time teaching how to bond with the Divine and to make the bond personal and powerful. That is a subject for another article and I will not do that here.

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