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The official replay of the July Full Moon Seva Ceremony is now available! If you missed the live session, don't worry—this replay carries all the same power and transformative energy.


Date: Monday, July 22nd
Time: 8 AM GMT+7 (Thailand Time)

Where: YouTube Live @depthhealing


Join us according to your local timezone:

Los Angeles, USA (PDT): July 21, 6 PM
New York, USA (EDT): July 21, 9 PM
London, UK (BST): July 22, 2 AM
Berlin, Germany (CEST): July 22, 3 AM
Moscow, Russia (MSK): July 22, 4 AM
Johannesburg, South Africa (SAST): July 22, 3 AM
New Delhi, India (IST): July 22, 6:30 AM
Beijing, China (CST): July 22, 9 AM
Tokyo, Japan (JST): July 22, 10 AM
Sydney, Australia (AEST): July 22, 11 AM

🌟 Understanding the 6th Program Ceremony Focus

The journey through the ten life-shaping programs reveals the intricate balance between science and mystic wisdom. The initial programs encompass past lives, generational karma, and the profound impacts from conception through early childhood. As we evolve, these foundational experiences shape our subconscious minds, culminating in the fifth program where the activation of the frontal cortex at age seven enhances our consciousness.


In our upcoming July Full Moon Seva Ceremony, we focus on the sixth program—the Global Collective. This encompasses not just humanity but all forms of life on Earth, recognizing our planet as a sentient entity. The Global Collective operates through a Morphic Field where majority consciousness dictates global conditions. Currently dominated by negative energies, our collective effort during these ceremonies aims to shift this balance.


By uniting under the full moon, we channel the Great Compassionate Light, converting our collective frequency into vibrations of love, gratitude, hope, and inspiration. This focused intention is crucial for influencing the global field, leveraging the higher power of positive emotions over the lower frequencies of fear and anger.


🌟Ceremony Focus

This month, we especially focus on safeguarding our wealth, health, and loved ones through divine protection, while also aiming to sustain prosperity regardless of global shifts. Our collective prayers also seek peace and divine intervention to save our planet.

Join us as we harness our collective power to reshape the global energy field and pave the way for a brighter, more harmonious world.




🌟Stay Connected with Dr. G. Rex Kruhly

For those seeking deeper transformation, consider scheduling monthly private sessions with Dr. G. to remove blocks, restore health, and skillfully design your life. Visit our privates page to book your session and ensure your spot.

WhatsApp: +66 804639056 (Message Dr. G directly)

We look forward to your presence at this sacred gathering. Let’s unite under the Full Moon to elevate our souls and contribute to a harmonious and abundant world.

In Love and Light 🙏❤️,

Dr. G. Rex Kruhly and the Depth Healing Team




Crafting Your Personal Prayers

Example / Template for Personal Prayer for Wealth

The very same prayer can be used for the next 10 months as well as updated if things change as 2024 unfolds. Be sure to cover present needs as well as future financial goals.  

My Beloved Divine (or Jeus, or Arch Angel or Whomever)


I am so very very grateful that any negative programs or imprints affecting my wealth - my ability to receive, save, invest, and enjoy real financial abundance, security and freedom is completely removed from my 5th PROGRAM by Divine Grace, and Only the finest programs remain from my 5th  Program that bless me with true sustained auspicious wealth all the days of my Life. 


I am so grateful I have $__________ in my___________Bank account (name of specific bank

I am so grateful I have $__________ per month for my service doing__________________.


I need this wealth because ____________(be exact and truthful; cannot fool the Divine.)


This part is very important, be sure to really list ALL reasons, regardless of how selfish they may be.

🌐Prayer for the Global Collective

This prayer is used for ALL Full Moon Seva Ceramonies unless Dr. G changes it himself.


My Dear Beloved Divine, (name them)


Thank YOU so much, that by YOUR DIVINE INTERVENTION, 

ALL War, and Violence, anywhere in the World is Stopped immediately by Divine Grace and Power, ending all suffering in the most gentle and perfect way that saves all life on Earth.  Thank YOU that the Power YOU INVOKE simply stops all War and Violence by altering the consciousness of all humanity as a phase transition and ushers forth the Golden Age for all Humanity as Designed by Sri Amma Bhagavan of the Great Compassionate Light.


With Tremendous Gratitude, Ah Men

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📢🚨A Call to Action: The 6th Program🚨


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Megan J. Mitchel
Professional Fashion Model

He's a profound healer that has helped me spiritually, physically, and emotionally. Before working with him, I wasn't aware of how I was reacting in the world.

gI_166687_Adam Brawer.png

Adam Brawer 
Real Estate Extraordinaire

My life after working with Dr. G. Rex  feels completely different. He has helped me foster the receiving of so much more abundance.

Bob Rakowski.jpg

Dr. Bob Rakowski
Natural Medicine Center

He helps people  with their  energy in a way that can heal their body and has ultimately mastered the art of quantum healing.

Dr John Fredicks
Donna Miller
Dr Kandy
Loudes Lavov
Dr Terry Hill

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