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Join the April Full Moon Event: Nurturing New Beginnings & Fostering Global Unity

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Join the April Full Moon Seva Prayer Event: Nurturing New Beginnings & Fostering Global Unity 🌕✨

Elevate Your Life & the World: April 24 at 8 AM ICT

Embrace the Full Moon's transformative energy as we gather for a powerful Seva Prayer Event, aiming to catalyze significant shifts within and across the globe. This occasion marks an opportunity for profound personal evolution and a step towards universal harmony, set for April 24 at 8 AM ICT. Join us according to your time zone:

  • US West Coast: April 23, 6 PM PDT

  • US East Coast: April 23, 9 PM EDT

  • UK: April 24, 2 AM GMT

  • India: April 24, 7:30 AM IST

  • Australia: April 24, 1 PM AEDT

  • Kenya: April 24, 5 AM EAT

🌟 Exploring the 3rd Program with Dr. G

Dr. G Rex Kruhly will guide us through the 3rd program, delving into the pivotal time from conception to the first six hours after birth. This session is dedicated to erasing negative imprints from this critical developmental stage of the subconscious, fostering a clear pathway towards financial abundance, happiness, and prosperity.

✨ Craft Your Personal and Global Prayers

  • Personal Prayer: Focus on cleansing adverse influences from our foundational growth phase, welcoming an era of abundance and contentment.

  • Global Prayer: Unite in a collective aspiration for worldwide peace and unity, imagining a future where harmony and empathy flourish.

🔗 Join Us Live, Preferably on YouTube

💫 Expand Our Collective Intentions

Spread the word to friends and family. The greater our numbers, the more potent our collective intentions for both personal transformation and global concord.

Gear up for a momentous occasion of internal awakening and worldwide solidarity. See you on April 24th! 🙏🌕✨

To learn more, visit WWW.DEPTHHEALING.ORG

Crafting Your Personal Prayers

Example / Template for Personal Prayer for Wealth

The very same prayer can be used for the next 10 months as well as updated if things change as 2024 unfolds. Be sure to cover present needs as well as future financial goals.  

My Beloved Divine (or Jeus, or Arch Angel or Whomever)


I am so very very grateful that any negative programs or imprints affecting my wealth - my ability to receive, save, invest, and enjoy real financial abundance, security and freedom is completely removed from my Third PROGRAM by Divine Grace, and Only the finest programs remain from my Third Program that bless me with true sustained auspicious wealth all the days of my Life. 


I am so grateful I have $__________ in my___________Bank account (name of specific bank

I am so grateful I have $__________ per month for my service doing__________________.


I need this wealth because ____________(be exact and truthful; cannot fool the Divine.)


This part is very important, be sure to really list ALL reasons, regardless of how selfish they may be.

🌐Prayer for the Global Collective

This prayer is used for ALL Full Moon Seva Ceramonies unless Dr. G changes it himself.


My Dear Beloved Divine, (name them)


Thank YOU so much, that by YOUR DIVINE INTERVENTION, 

ALL War, and Violence, anywhere in the World is Stopped immediately by Divine Grace and Power, ending all suffering in the most gentle and perfect way that saves all life on Earth.  Thank YOU that the Power YOU INVOKE simply stops all War and Violence by altering the consciousness of all humanity as a phase transition and ushers forth the Golden Age for all Humanity as Designed by Sri Amma Bhagavan of the Great Compassionate Light.


With Tremendous Gratitude, Ah Men

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Unveiling The Third Program

A Foundation for Prosperity

In our journey of spiritual awakening and healing, the upcoming Full Moon Seva Prayer Ceremony holds a pivotal role, especially as we delve into the realms of our subconscious mind through the exploration of the "Third Program." Unlike the first and second programs in our prior ceremonies that carried the imprints of our soul's past into this life, the third program marks the inception of our physical and present existence.

This critical phase begins while we are in our mother's womb, a time when our subconscious mind is incredibly receptive, recording every detail of our surroundings at an astonishing rate of 40 million bits of information per second. It's a period of intense data collection, laying down the foundational 'software' that will influence our survival instincts, behaviors, and patterns once we are born. It is, in essence, the blueprint of our future selves, establishing the basis for how we interact with the world around us.

Our focus for the third Full Moon Seva Prayer Ceremony will be on cleansing and clearing the third program, specifically concerning our relationship with money. This includes our ability to earn, save, and manage money, as well as our attitudes and beliefs surrounding wealth and prosperity. The aim is to address and release any negative imprints or beliefs that have been recorded during this formative period, which may be hindering our financial well-being and abundance in adulthood.

By working on the third program, we are not just healing our current self but are setting the stage for a life of greater financial freedom and success. This session is about more than just clearing negative beliefs; it's about reprogramming our foundational software to embrace a more prosperous and abundant mindset.

Join us in this transformative ceremony as we unlock the doors to financial freedom and rewrite the script of our lives to one that resonates with wealth, abundance, and prosperity. Let's harness the power of the this month’s Full Moon Seva Prayer Ceremony to illuminate our path towards a brighter and more affluent future.

Remember, the journey of healing and transformation is continuous, and by addressing the deep-seated programs of our subconscious, we open up endless possibilities for growth, success, and fulfillment in all areas of our lives.


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Megan J. Mitchel
Professional Fashion Model

He's a profound healer that has helped me spiritually, physically, and emotionally. Before working with him, I wasn't aware of how I was reacting in the world.

gI_166687_Adam Brawer.png

Adam Brawer 
Real Estate Extraordinaire

My life after working with Dr. G. Rex  feels completely different. He has helped me foster the receiving of so much more abundance.

Bob Rakowski.jpg

Dr. Bob Rakowski
Natural Medicine Center

He helps people  with their  energy in a way that can heal their body and has ultimately mastered the art of quantum healing.

Dr John Fredicks
Donna Miller
Dr Kandy
Loudes Lavov
Dr Terry Hill

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