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Harnessing Divine Grace Event

🌕✨Harnessing Divine Grace: Conjoining the November Full Moon with the Great Compassionate Light for Personal and Global Transformation. ✨🌕


Join us in an inspiring communion of souls as we harness the gentle glow of November's Full Moon on November 27th at 5 pm PST. Dr. G. Rex Kruhly will lead us in a heartfelt symphony of prayer where the Great Compassionate Light will directly Bless all who attend, infusing our personal aspirations with a collective vision for a harmonious world through the Grace of the Great Compassionate Light.


🙏🌟 Crafting Intentions for Transformation:

In the spirit of unity and change, we invite you to pen two prayers. One, a personal intention, expressing the desires and growth you seek within. The other, a visionary prayer for the world—imagine the flourishing of a utopian earth where peace, love, and understanding are the universal language, where humanity and nature exist in exquisite balance, and where the universe’s boundless compassion touches every soul. Be sure to bring the prayer to the event and to keep it in a safe place, be sure not to discard it.


💙✒ Scribing Our Hopes and Dreams:

Write your personal intentions with heartfelt sincerity, and for your global prayer, envisage a world:


Where the air and waters are pristine, nourishing all life.

Where forests and animals thrive, respected as our planet’s sacred trust.

Where every human being lives in equality, with access to education, health, and prosperity.

Where wisdom and creativity are shared freely, celebrating the abundance of human spirit.

💫✨ Prayer: A Two-fold Journey:

As we gather in contemplation and hope, our prayers will serve as beacons for:

✓ Personal growth and realization

✓ A unified vision for a world flourishing in ecological and social harmony

✓ Deepening of individual faith and collective goodwill

✓ An exchange of spiritual energy that nurtures both the individual and the collective


🌙 The Gathering of Hearts and Minds:

Navigate this thoughtful voyage as we light the path for ourselves and envision a world replete with divine grace and unity.


1️⃣ Engage and expand this circle by liking and sharing this message.

2️⃣ Signal your intention to join by commenting below, as we start weaving our energetic tapestry in anticipation.

3️⃣ Gather with us in this moment of quiet reflection and powerful intent on November 27th, 5 pm PST, via Zoom.


Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 818 1960 4703
Passcode: 759402


🌟✨ Co-Creating Our Dreams:

Together, let's infuse our personal prayers with action and imbue our collective desires with the strength of our convictions. Let's not only look to the moon for inspiration but also to each other, as we craft a dual-narrative of individual purpose and global betterment.


🔔 Save this moment in time, bring forth your dreams, and join a fellowship where the stirrings of individual aspirations and the pulse of universal hope resonate in harmony.


✨🌕 Let Our Prayers Echo Into the Cosmos, Crafting Echoes of Personal Fulfillment and Global Unity ✨🌕


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Megan J. Mitchel
Professional Fashion Model

He's a profound healer that has helped me spiritually, physically, and emotionally. Before working with him, I wasn't aware of how I was reacting in the world.

gI_166687_Adam Brawer.png

Adam Brawer 
Real Estate Extraordinaire

My life after working with Dr. G. Rex  feels completely different. He has helped me foster the receiving of so much more abundance.

Bob Rakowski.jpg

Dr. Bob Rakowski
Natural Medicine Center

He helps people  with their  energy in a way that can heal their body and has ultimately mastered the art of quantum healing.

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