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To answer this question I will marry current cutting-edge Quantum science with my personal research as an Energy/Consciousness Specialist and Deeksha Blesser. A Morphic Field is an electromagnetic strata or cloud which contains ALL the information pertaining to whatever we are examining, be it a planet, plant, animal, species, ocean, solar system, galaxy, anything, and everything. Nothing exists outside of Morphic Fields, period.

The M Field represents and comprises both the collective consciousness and the collective unconsciousness for the subject in question.

What is the relevance? We now know that Space-Time/ Space Memory (commonly referred to as the Akashic Records) is a fact. No data, event, process, or Planckian moment is lost, it’s all recorded.

The M Field has several functions that we know. One, which the brilliant Microbiologist Rupert Sheldrake avidly explains, is the critical role as a reference library to preserve all information necessary for the continuity of the species. It also handles evolution as well but that is a different matter with its own criteria. I suggest you pause a moment and contemplate what is meant by preserving ALL the information necessary for the continuity of the species.

When I say ALL the information, I am referring to the M Field as a HoloFractal Field where the whole is contained completely in any quanta comprising it.

That is very profound and very relevant. For instance, if we look at the M Field of Homo Sapiens. Besides the infinite information necessary to preserve the enormous bio-diverse complexity of a body comprising 50 trillion cells or more, all specialized, there is also the Universe of the 2 Minds. What do I mean?

The M Field of Homo Sapiens contains ALL the information of the Species from the beginning of time till now. Let’s look at that a little more deeply.

The Subconscious mind of a single person provides an infinite array of data because it records at a rate of 40 million bits of information a second, for every minute of every hour of every day until the child turns 7. It does not shut off after that. That software is THE perception filter system for the remainder of their life and NONE of it belongs to them!!! (Think carefully on that) After age 7, as the subconscious continues, it uses that base and adds to it.

From age 7 on, the brain activates consciousness and feeds all of its experience through the subconscious database. No two humans are alike. ALL that data is in the M Field of Homo Sapiens, creating the massive Collective Unconscious and Collective Conscious Minds of Humanity. Then there are the countless Sub-M Fields for Countries, Continents, Cultures, Specialized Groups, etc…

Now, when we consider this level of information, we can see how truly deep this area of study is. M Fields rule, as Hitler and the current pandemic, demonstrate.

All the Fields are continuous, interpenetrating, self-organizing, self-sustaining, and perfectly organized such that even the tiniest occurrence involves the whole Universe to infinity – all dimensions, all scales, no exceptions. “Everything is Dependently Arising and Dependently ceasing so isolation is possible ”. Sri Bhagavan

The M Field functions as a Torus, both feeding information forward and feeding it backward. Two excellent reference sources for explaining the science of Torus Field interactions can be found in the reference research of the Heart Math Institute, under Rollin McCraty Ph.D., and the Resonance Academy of Nassim Haramein.

Analogies are always a good way to grasp complex concepts. For the subject of M Fields, imagine a building the size of the Pacific Ocean, 3 miles high, with billions of rooms, and let this building represent the Universe or this Earth of ours. Now, make the entire building and all its rooms into a perfectly organized and indexed LIBRARY. Every subject has its own section with all data stored. Each section has an active computer that communicates back and forth with every existing member of that particular field according to need. That computer represents the consciousness of all the members, both unconscious and conscious. Make sense?

By establishing the Cloud for uploading and downloading information from laptops and phones Science has shown it understands Fields to a fairly good extent. I intend to expand that knowledge significantly and will do so when I demonstrate the efficacy of Morphic Field Transformative Power with The GENESIS Event.

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