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Wealth Creation and Mindset

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The Great Avatar and Mystic Sri Bhagavan have spoken at great lengths on how to create Wealth and what we need to do it. Why? Because Iham (our worldly needs) and Param (our spiritual needs) are not separate, they are the two sides of the same coin. Renouncing wealth to be spiritual is a child’s understanding and not true in the least.

Sri Bhagavan has said, “Prosperity and poverty are dependent on the mindset of the individual.”

Taken at first sight, everyone will immediately agree and say yes, mindset is certainly important, and then they will go right on doing whatever they have been conditioned to without the slightest consciousness of their focus, programming, or intentions.

Firstly, let us establish some base foundational information so that a proper mindset can be established and maintained.

The first principle understanding needs to be firmly grasped. That is namely that Wealth Creation comes from our Inner World, not the External World. What is our Inner World?

It is continuously being created by your perceptions. Where do your perceptions come from? They come directly from your Subconscious Mind’s Primary Database. When did you form that database? From age 0 to the beginning of age 7. Does any of that data belong to you? NO. Who does it belong to? Mom, Dad, Siblings, TV, Computer, Everyone, and Everything ever encountered for those years at a rate of 40 Million bits of information per second, 24/7.

How many thoughts do you have per day? Between 12,000 to 60,000. How many of them are different from yesterday’s thoughts? About 5%. What percentage of them are positive and empowering? Maybe 10% if lucky.

So up to 95% of all thoughts are redundant and almost all are negative and disempowering, and only a max of 5% belong to you, the rest is subconscious data belonging to other people.


In light of the information just presented, not to mention that the subconscious mind is ONE MILLION TIMES STRONGER, processing 40 million bits of information per second vs the Conscious Brain’s 40 bits, the significance of MINDSET takes on new importance.

This is why DEPTH of understanding, DEPTH of intention, skills, habits, and life is vitally needed. Superficial partial truths produce superficial results. That is why I present information that is DEEP. When it comes to Dr. G. Rex Kruhly, Depth Healing, and any of his events like the upcoming MASSIVE GENESIS EVENT in October, you will never find anything superficial at all nor will you experience superficial results.

The primary mindset for Wealth Creation is called Wealth Consciousness. In itself, it’s easy. I did it and you can too, in fact, you must do it, otherwise, you will fail. I know, I failed continuously for decades until I cultivated Wealth Consciousness. So what is it?

Simply stated, you must train your attention to ONLY notice what you have, what is working, and NEVER notice what you do not have, or what is not working. AS you are noticing all you have, all day, every day, you ALSO feel and express gratitude for it all. All day, every day. Ok fine, sounds logical but how powerful is that really, why is that essential, I thought hard consistent work and effort are the difference?

No, the effort and struggle are wrong. Old useless conditioning.

The above daily attention on abundance seasoned with conscious gratitude creates your primary inner and outer broadcast signal. That is a FIELD consideration. Next, this practice lights up the Prefrontal Cortex of your brain, and those areas are connected with the motivational centers in your brain. That in turn causes your brain to be referencing positive perceptions recorded in your Subconscious Database. Again, those perceptions radiate outwardly which then mirrors back to you. The mirror effect is the Universal law of Resonance.

With the Prefrontal Cortex lit up, more blood is shunted to it, so you are more Conscious, less reactive, making you more creative, sharper decisions, and are much better equipped to handle stress or adversity. And remember, all of your body and every cell that makes it receives the benefits of a happy, motivated brain.


What is a positivity quotient, and why is it relevant?

Think of super-rich and famous people like Warren Buffet, Tony Robbins, Bob Proctor, Brendon Burchard, etc. What do you think they all have in common? Each of them has a very high Positivity Quotient.

Neurologically speaking, in order to remain in wealth creation mode and maintain wealth consciousness you must have a positivity quotient of 3 to 1. This means if you see or experience one negative event or discover disempowering information you can IMMEDIATELY and CONSCIOUSLY reference 3 positives that you have or are actually happening then to offset it. Why is 3 to 1 relevant? Because studies show that ratio keeps the left prefrontal cortex lit up.

Earlier I mentioned Warren Buffet, Tony Robbins, Bob Proctor, and Brendon Burchard. I said each of them has a high positivity quotient, yes, in fact, that is what differentiates them from the masses. These people have ratios of 8,9,10 to 1. That means they don’t drop at all, they are lit up because their mindset is swimming in wealth consciousness, dwelling on abundance. If a negative occurs it is absorbed without disturbance. Make sense?


An excellent question!!! The answer is simple, all human beings are laced with Cognitive Dissonance and it blocks them left, right, and center. If you are experiencing success, that is great and means your subconscious is at least not blocking you. But what degree of success are you having? Are you surviving, or thriving? That’s all Cognitive Dissonance setting invisible ceilings.

Thus everything is dependent on the Subconscious Mind. Everything, period.

Therefore you need to have it professionally cleared and re-written to support and create your goals, rather than hold you back, or at worse, destroy you. Every day, lives and dreams are smashed, all because of some photons of light carrying conditioning and negative beliefs and illusions belonging to someone else in an electromagnetic morphic Field called your subconscious mind. With the correct Quantum Technology, those photons can be removed. That’s what I did, that is why I am very successful and wealthy now.

This is why the science of Depth Healing was created, and why GENESIS is so important.

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